Rumor: Killzone 2 Demo Content

A member of PlayStation Boards writes: "Hmm I talked to someone who had acces to the demo now. It will consist of, The first stage (Conrith River).
Some multiplayer maps."

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Hellsvacancy4712d ago

Im all for the multiplayer maps i shall probably steer clear of the single player level - but of course it depends, i heard a rumour on N4g that the demo may come out on the 6th Feb in europe on the Psn which i think is the same time as the Gamespot demo - who knows

Sony PlayStation 34712d ago (Edited 4711d ago )

I'm glad to see SP an MP included in the demo

Bnet3434712d ago

Does anyone know when the Killzone 2 demo will be on the US PSN Store?

morganfell4711d ago

After launch on PSN but those of us ordering from Gamestop received the demo card for Feb 5th.

Max Power4711d ago (Edited 4711d ago )

US PSN won't have the Demo you have to pre-order the game from Gamestop. But what's stopping you from creating a EU account?

@below...didn't know they will have it for the PSN at all, thats good to know, but i shall enjoy the demo from gamestop.

Highatus4711d ago

I think the Demo will be released to the public on the week of it's release or the following Thursday from release.

Bnet3434711d ago

phuck it, I'll just buy the game first day. I do not want to be left out of all the mayhem.

Doppy4711d ago

Love Single Player and Multiplayer demo


i preordered this like in june of last year, i keep forgetting to go to gamestop to pick up demo info. wtf am i thinking?

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Mc1874712d ago

I heard from aguy who heard from a guy that might buy his milk at the store across from GG that..........
But yeah I think 1 level and some multiplayer thrown in should do the trick.

wil4hire4712d ago

I want the whole thing right now.

I am very unasonable.

MGOelite4711d ago

most demos kill games but i can see this one making the killzone 2 hype bigger

PirateThom4711d ago

Some member of the board and his other accounts are obviously quite worried about Killzone 2.

Oner4711d ago (Edited 4711d ago )

Eh it's okay...from the looks of this one post

being @ 66 - 4 (currently) the trend of the past 2-3 years is changing. And no, that is not to say the 360 is going under or some other bs, as that is not my point as some would believe. Just that gamers are opening their eyes and are going to be able to enjoy more than one console.

But I do have to add...haters be damned ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.