Race Pro - GT Class Video

AutoGaming writes: "Here, we have the next Race Pro revelation video, showing 7 cars of the GT Class."

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Merritt3568d ago

The game looks decent.

BlindMonkey3568d ago

Looks decent but i hate the title of the game. Might as well just call the game "Fast Cars." I dunno maybe it's just me :S

Montrealien3567d ago

For the sake of argument, what would (wow) you in a racer?

Joey Greco RULES3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

when you see a car/girl/game/ect and you dont know what it is.....but you have to have it?

that feeling would make this a "wow" for me.
but i dont feel that for this game.

Montrealien3567d ago

yeah, I got that feeling the first time I saw Gran turismo 1 in motion. You know what the funny thing is? It has yet to be repeated. Even GT5, when I saw it I though to myself, damn, that looks great, when I played it I realized it was pretty much the same thing it has been for 10 years.

Joey Greco RULES3567d ago

i mean, maybe im just too picky-- but i haven't felt that way about a game in a while.

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InMyOpinion3568d ago

I think it looks boring. I wish Forza 3 isn't too far away...

LeonSKennedy4Life3567d ago

You would.

Forza 3? You're excited for Forza 3? aren't. I'm hitting disagree because I don't believe you. It's a 360 exclusive...meaning you have to back it up. I honestly don't believe you. I'm not excited for Gran Turismo 5 because I don't like those types of games.

You aren't excited for Forza 3 because it wouldn't make any sense.

Then again, I don't know how old you are. You could be like 50 years old.

JOLLY13567d ago

I am totally looking forward to Forza 3. I have spent way too many hours on Forza 2. Now I need a new one.

InMyOpinion3567d ago

What the h3ll are you talking about? I've played both Forza Motorsport 1&2 thoroughly. Since the first time I played Street Rod on a friends PC I've been a fan of racing games with lots of customization.

"It's a 360 exclusive...meaning you have to back it up."

So is Race Pro but I'm not backing that up, am I?

Take your crazy ex-girlfriend behaviour to the open zone pls.

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