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Former Rockstar dev claims GTA 6 trailer's scenes are "all done in game"

A former GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 animator has given their own unique insight into the recently released GTA 6 trailer.

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Community175d ago
isarai175d ago

They've never not been in-game, even so the hair and crowd density blows me away

Jin_Sakai175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

Agreed. Rockstar always pushing the limits of what’s possible. 2025 is going to creep now.

Lightning77175d ago

Of course they usually are. Going by R* reputation it's all In engine. I also don't expect any cutbacks or downgrades at all.

gold_drake175d ago

ih absolutely you can see its in engine, looks amazing

phoenixwing175d ago

I think it looks good but what's really amazing is how dense the areas are with npcs and everything else. That's why while I was impressed with slightly better graphics than other games I know I'll be blown away with how jam-packed the place is

CrimsonWing69175d ago

I mean when the hell has Rockstar done CGI cutscenes? Watch any GTA 4, Red Dead, GTA V, or Red Dead 2 reveal trailer and then tell me none of that is in-game.

Geezus people are in such shock by this game’s visuals they can’t believe it’s in-game.

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Take-Two CEO: "Highly Confident" on GTA 6 Fall 2025 Release Window, Rockstar Seeking "Perfection"

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick is "highly confident" on the GTA 6 Fall 2025 release window, and claims Rockstar is seeking perfection.

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Community7d ago
Profchaos8d ago

That's not good he told us he was seeking perfection just before the definitive edition dropped

gold_drake7d ago

its gonna be a crazy later half of a year whennit drops.

i think its a smart move to target fall, especially cause ppl stay in more frequently

CrimsonWing697d ago

I honestly feel this will be next level.

Cacabunga7d ago

RDR2 blows GTA5 open world off the water… I am having very very very high expectations from this one.

andy857d ago

Please please give me a 60 fps mode or at the very least 40 fps

Zeke687d ago

40 fps gives 120 fps with VRR. I would love that!!

bRuud837d ago

60 fps is not going to happen on the base PS5 and Xbox series X. Maybe 40 fps on PS5 Pro.

andy857d ago

People argued said it wasn't with Starfield, making excuses for why it wasn't possible to have 60 fps but as expected they made one. It's always possible with some limitations

Ray J7d ago

with PSSR on the PS5 Pro, 60fps is fortunately in the cards, let's hope Rockstar makes it happen.

Chocoburger7d ago

No, what you're seeking is "perfect micro-trash-actions gameplay loop", that's all you care about, you sleazy douche.


GTA VI To Release In Fall 2025, Confirms Take-Two

Take-Two Interactive has confirmed that Rockstar Games' next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series, GTA VI, is set for release in Fall 2025.

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Community13d ago
purple10113d ago

bad = give it mo me NOW!! we can't wait another year.!!!!
good = I have another year to save up another £500 for a ps5pro

MestreRothN4G13d ago

You’ll wait at least 2.
The fake 2025 release date is not counting the multiple delays.

Sonic188113d ago

Did anyone assume a different release date? I didn't

notachance12d ago

I didn’t but now that they confirmed it I expect winter or spring 2026 instead

nzjono13d ago

Not everyone lives in Merica or uses the term fall to describe Autumn, state the month.

isarai13d ago

That's why google exists 👍