Former Rockstar dev claims GTA 6 trailer's scenes are "all done in game"

A former GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 animator has given their own unique insight into the recently released GTA 6 trailer.

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isarai133d ago

They've never not been in-game, even so the hair and crowd density blows me away

Jin_Sakai133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

Agreed. Rockstar always pushing the limits of what’s possible. 2025 is going to creep now.

Lightning77133d ago

Of course they usually are. Going by R* reputation it's all In engine. I also don't expect any cutbacks or downgrades at all.

gold_drake133d ago

ih absolutely you can see its in engine, looks amazing

phoenixwing133d ago

I think it looks good but what's really amazing is how dense the areas are with npcs and everything else. That's why while I was impressed with slightly better graphics than other games I know I'll be blown away with how jam-packed the place is

CrimsonWing69133d ago

I mean when the hell has Rockstar done CGI cutscenes? Watch any GTA 4, Red Dead, GTA V, or Red Dead 2 reveal trailer and then tell me none of that is in-game.

Geezus people are in such shock by this game’s visuals they can’t believe it’s in-game.

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GTA 6: Anticipation High, but Some Players Will Be Disappointed Regardless

GB: "Rockstar's next Grand Theft Auto is finally upon us, but amid the hype, there's some worry that it may not cater to everyone."

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gold_drake4d ago

i feel like this happens to every game. cant please everyone

babadivad2d ago

GTA 5 pretty much pleased everyone.

gold_drake2d ago

i know plenty who didnt like it. so, yea.

Sonic18813d ago (Edited 3d ago )

It's disappointing that this game won't be on PC. Would love to play this game in native 4K 60fps-120fps with raytracing

Tacoboto3d ago

It'll be on PC in time for Rockstar and Take Two to want more money.

You're also not getting native 4K120RT with any hardware out there anytime soon.

Sonic18813d ago (Edited 3d ago )

The upcoming RTX 5000 series should be able to do that.

Abear212d ago

Don’t worry they’ll sell you it again in a few years…and again…and again…

JackBNimble2d ago

What about the ps5 pro? I keep hearing how great it will be.

Sonic18812d ago

GTA6 will still run in dynamic 4K 30fps on the Pro. Mark my words

kythlyn3d ago

BREAKING NEWS: people have differing opinions.

jambola3d ago

you're telling me not every single human ever will love this game?? breaking news indeed

Kombatologist3d ago

I think the main concern is the ramifications GTA+ will have on GTA6 Online. Fans are already divided about it. Not everyone wants to pay a monthly subscription fee (that has already seen a price increase) for a $70+ game on top of already having to pay for PS+/XBL.

Unknown_Gamer57943d ago

I think a decade of hype will do that for even the best games. With that said, chill out, it’s going to be a great time regardless.