CES 2009: Resistance Retribution Release Date & Latest Trailer Revealed

"Let's get the big news out of the way: The Resistance goes portable on March 17th!

That's the day you'll be able to take on the Chimera on the road, with Resistance Retribution for PSP. Want to liberate Europe from the comfort of your living room? Retribution packs a number of never-before-seen features that allow you to play bring the game home, playing on your home TV and with a DualShock 3 controller."

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RPG Guy3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Killzone 2 and Resistance PSP within a month???!!!

And it's the day I get back from my University field study!!! WOOOT!!!! From analyzing the Earth straight into defending it! Oh how sweet it is!

callahan093572d ago

Seriously. Retribution looks awesome. The graphics are amazing for a PSP game, and the fact that I own Resistance 2 makes it all the better. Play on my big-screen with a DualShock 3, and additional content for connecting my PSP to Resistance 2? Hell yeah, I'll take those features!

callahan093572d ago

Surprised that we've got a disagree bandit in a nice innocent little article like this one.

Cajun Chicken3572d ago

Seriously agree with you, great value. I've also been after a PSP third person shooter since Infected then R&C:SM (technically platforming, but hey, you shoot things crazily in third person) RR will certainly be on my list.
Especially with the 'Infected' feature, two singleplayer campaigns in one game? superb!

I also have Resistance 2, but I can't take advantage of the PSP Plus screen input feature due to having a PSP-1000, :( .

Still great value though! :D

Heres hoping they do this PSP Plus feature with the rumoured new Jak game for PSP, that'll easily be enough for me to upgrade!

Handsome_Devil3572d ago

it feel nice to post some real news :D

and I agree with all the above

kharma453572d ago

It is nice to see some actual news, rather than the fanboy baiting crap that so often gets approved.

Congrats on your first published piece of news btw =]

Handsome_Devil3572d ago

Thanks :D

I hope I can continue at posting good real news :)

kharma453572d ago

Bubbles for you =] You seem like a genuinely nice person, a rarity sometimes here, it's nice to see.

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Hal Emmerich3572d ago

I don't like handheld games but since my brother has a PSP I could get this, so like someone mentioned, is it possible for me to play this on my PS3 with dualshock?

Danja3572d ago

but m getting this day being able to play it with the DS3 on my Tv is a major plus..

gotta find time for this game since KZ2 will be taking over my life ...XD

Honor_in_Armor3572d ago

Hey, I have a question. When you activate the PSP Plus feature, can you play Retribution with FULL Screen enabled on your HDTV? I ask this because in the video you can clearly see the game being played and it's not FULL screen. However I think I saw a screenshot where it was FULL Screen.