Starfield Passes 12 Million Players as Phil Spencer Has "a Ton of Confidence" in Its Future

Today, during a panel at CCXP in São Paulo, Brazil, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer talked about Bethesda's latest RPG, Starfield.

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MrDead88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Currently less people playing Starfield then Skyrim on Steam and that's after another beta patch (which still haven't fixed the inaccessible ships, broken missions and companions) so you would think the numbers would be higher. I guess that's what you get when you pay for review scores, nothing but soulless PR hype and a broken dying game with personal messages from Bethesda telling you why you're wrong for having negative views about it.

This is a new title that should be pulling Baldur's gate numbers not Skyrim numbers!!

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Jin_Sakai88d ago

This. And the fact ever seen 200 Phil Spencer articles in the past week. Who cares what this snake oil car salesman says in a daily basis.

darthv7288d ago

...apparently you care. Cause you always be commenting on every episode of Spencer Speaks.

Its like that meme. If you hate xbox so much, but always talk about it... you must not really hate it after all.

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tay870188d ago (Edited 88d ago )

@darth not really a good argument I troll bots all the time, doesn't mean I like xbox in any way, shape or form. Also despise Trump and shout it from the roof tops every chance.i get, doesn't mean I like him either. Lol.

I comment on xbox pages and xbox specific articles all the time, usually just to stir something up. Not envious of them one bit either, they literally don't have a single exclusive game i am pining for. Last time thst happened was when they had exclusivity of bioshock and mass effect. That clockwork game they teased looked cool, got some bioshock infinite vibes from it. not even sure what kind of game it is, but it did get my attention.

MontyeKristo88d ago

Tay8701 - Idk, man, it's weird as hell to be so invested in things you don't really care for. It just seems.. odd. I guess some people just really strive on drama, it fills them and their needs, I guess? For attention or something?

Just weird, bro.

tay870188d ago

@montye. Not really it happens all the time, especially in the sporting arena. Bet there are tons of Bama fans trolling Georgia fans right now as we speak. Saw tons of Michigan memes mocking Ohio state all this last week. Doesn't mean they want to be fans of thst team. Lol.

Even though it's not much of a rivalry, PS vs MS still gets heated. :-)

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Zeref88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

A lot of people care. Otherwise he wouldn't be getting these interviews.

Gives you PS fanboys something to talk about as well since yall don't have any Playstation games to talk about anyway.
Notice how nobody is talking about Spiderman anymore but every week Starfield is in the news? It faded into irrelevance faster than I thought it would.

JackBNimble88d ago

Jin Sakai
Obviously you care a hell of a lot, you always put your 2 cents in when Phil says something.
If you didn't care you would respond to his BS every article.... btw just saying, I don't give a fuck either.

JackBNimble88d ago

PS guy here , spot on comment actually. I just wish more people were about gaming and not just the platform they play on.

Crows9087d ago


0eople comment on what they dislike much more than on what they like...it's normal.

shinoff218387d ago

Darth that's a pretty weak argument.

P_Bomb87d ago

“Notice how nobody is talking about Spiderman anymore but every week Starfield is in the news? It faded into irrelevance faster than I thought it would.”

Spider-Man was a complete experience without controversy or asterisks like busted HDR or a 30 frame cap. I platinumed it. Don’t need to gush like a crush.

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S2Killinit88d ago

Pretty much anytime MS speaks, flip it on it’s head to learn the truth.

Ironmike88d ago

Why skyrim is still very popular

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Zeref88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Ignore that it launched on GamePass and that therefore a lot of people are playing it via the Xbox store and that it's currently the 2nd most played game on there I guess. Fits your narrative better that way. /s

Can't expect logic from Playstation fanboys. Good thing your petty little voices don't matter when it comes to the success of Xbox games.

IRetrouk88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

It's the 10th most played game at the moment in the us and 11th in the uk, where did you get second from?

XiNatsuDragnel87d ago

Nii San you're inaccurate but these comments have merits because like with Bethesda you would expect amazing numbers, 12 million copies is great and has a bright future but they're not concurrent enough. Balidur gates 3 is much better product that ppl are playing more than starfield tbh.

Zeref87d ago (Edited 87d ago )


It's not inaccurate. It's number 2 in my region.
If it's number 10 in the US and UK that is still huge since those are much bigger regions. We don't have the numbers but that's probably similar to Baldurs Gate 3 if not more.
And definitely way more than Skyrim.

Also people seem to forget Starfield is a new IP. 12 million for a new IP is huge and it will only grow with DLC and Mods coming up.

Baldurs Gate being better is subjective. I will play it when it comes to Xbox.

For now I love playing Starfield.

BehindTheRows86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

"Notice how nobody is talking about Spiderman anymore but every week Starfield is in the news? It faded into irrelevance faster than I thought it would".

Because people are busy buying it. For Starfield, people are busy trying to understand what all the hype was for, but you know what I'VE noticed? No one is talking about what it sold (unlike Spider-Man, which broke records). Spider-Man also wasn't a meme-fest of very poorly constructed NPCs, wasn't touted as "the next greatest thing", and is actually a GOTY contender (again, unlike the letdown that is Starfield).

On PlayStation, games do the talking. On Xbox, Phil does the talking.

"For now, I love playing Starfield" – ah, now I see.

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itsmebryan88d ago

You know the game is available in places Than just steam right?

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cthulhucultist87d ago

@MrDead? Ah yes, the Sony fanboy shouting for Xbox exclusives only to be angered when those actually release and are decent.

Now its the paid reviews narrative despite IGN+Gamespot not giving high scores like the MS shills you claim them to be.

In N4G the same thing happened you know, back in the early days of PS4 (2013-2014).

Games like Knack killzone shadowfall, Driveclub, The Order and Infamous scored lower than typical first class sony titles and fans in this site were raging about paid reviewers (imagine that).

When Bloodborne was of course released to critical acclaim, reviewers' status was reinstated as credible, because reasons.

On your other point (low numbers), I totally agree.

Lets observe obscure try to spin this around.

MrDead87d ago

I'm a PC gamer, just read my comment history and spec posts.

"Now its the paid reviews narrative despite IGN+Gamespot not giving high scores like the MS shills you claim them to be."

It's not a narrative it's something that's been used by most platform holders and has been going on for years, surprised you haven't heard about it.

I like Sony, Nintendo and PC as they all add to an industry I enjoy. MS has done nothing but take, I'm against that.

Obscure_Observer87d ago

The more you talk sh!t about this game, the most successful it becomes over time. Haha

Your hate you´ll always turn against you sad gamers, you brought karma to yourselves.

Starfield has long legs and will just get better over time!

Have some dignity and move, dude. You lose! Starfield fans won!

MrDead87d ago

"The more you talk sh!t about this game, the most successful it becomes over time. Haha"

...except here we are with the opposite happening, low player retention for Bethesda's biggest new IP and release in over a decade and Skyrim is currently more popular. Payed for reviews and PR is all this game had, now people are playing it the bottom has fallen out. People were expecting game retention numbers of previous titles and a universe to get lost in, what we have is loading screen generator and no exploration, all the key Bethesda gameplay elements that have people coming back for years have been watered down and made boring... oh yeah and the game is still broken as f**k

"Have some dignity and move, dude. You lose! Starfield fans won!"

Have some dignity and stop blindly supporting broken middling products because your fanboy logic, demand better instead of defending things getting worse.

Einhander197287d ago

Spider-Man 2 outside it in 8 days by a wide margin.

BehindTheRows86d ago

"Most successful it becomes over time" – cool, what did it sell?

"Starfield has long legs and will just get better over time"! – awesome, again, what did it sell?

"Starfield fans won". – If they're enjoying it, they did!

Reaper22_87d ago

A lot of gamers like Starfield. No need of still being mad cause it's not on Playstation. It's time to move on.

n1kki687d ago

Skyrim - a ten year old game - 30k players

Returnal - released in February on PC - 258 players
God of war - released two years ago on PC - 4k players
Spiderman - released 1.5 years ago on PC - 5k players
Miles Morales - released 1 year ago on PC - 2k players

MrDead87d ago

Why would I care, I'm not a console gamer. You just listed games that I see as a bonus, never had access to them before.

What is huge news is that Bethesda's newest IP and biggest release in over a decade is doing poorly on what is it's biggest platform. Is Starfield's lack of quality to be expected in the next Elder Scrolls game?

Obscure_Observer87d ago


Spot on!

If Starfield is failing Sony should close shop A.S.A.P

mrcatastropheAF87d ago

The vast majority of Starfield players play either through Game Pass on Xbox or via the GamePass app on PC...and wouldn't be counted in Steam's concurrent player count.

Yall grasping at straws here