Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR Review - Virtual Reality Done Right | Terminal Gamer

TG writes: The Assassin's Creed franchise has been around a long time, and its newest addition lets you take on the Templars in virtual reality. Should you take the leap and dive into this VR game, or should you leave this one to history?

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generic-user-name88d ago

Hoping this makes the leap (of faith) to PSVR2.

jznrpg88d ago

Me too. I’d check out this AC game but the 2D games are stale

Profchaos88d ago

Same but given they use the pass though functionality of the Quest 3 for the animus IIM but holding my breath but they could do without those parts

generic-user-name87d ago

Well it already is out on Q2 which doesn't have MR (I don't think) so I doubt it can't be done.

N4GTG87d ago

The game plays great on the Quest 2 already. If anything, an updated version for the Quest 3 with improved graphics would be awesome.

Petebloodyonion88d ago

It's quite impressive that they were able to make a complete Assassin's Creed game on the Quest2 hardware.
I would love to see a real Quest3 version of the game (with improved graphics).

N4GTG88d ago

The Quest 2 isn't all that weak, but yes, a Quest Pro or Quest 3 only upgraded version would be awesome.

generic-user-name87d ago

I'd prefer a headset that isn't gimped by mobile processing like PSVR2 or Index.

N4GTG87d ago

I played this on the Quest 2. There's no tag for that platform.


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anast1d 15h ago

I just finished up Exodus. It was fun.

kevco331d 15h ago

Wasn't a huge fan of Exodus, but 2033 and Last Light were great!

anast1d 13h ago

I was late to the party, so to me the previous versions showed their age a bit, good games though.