Final Fantasy 7 Has Reached An Incredible Sales Milestone

Final Fantasy 7 has achieved yet another huge milestone decades after its successful release, selling over 14.4 million copies globally.

gold_drake85d ago


i mean, its the best hame ever made, imo, so its absolutely deserved

Bebedora83d ago

I bought and payed for it. Thought it was ridiculous at a first sight. Then it got serious and I was hooked.

Now adays I think it's glorified version of avatar. Too much machina vs nature and a twist on toxic waste associated with a viking word meaning of the word for the world : Midgard.

It was a japaneese version of Greta that had it's touch on this game. When I look back on it a third time.

gold_drake83d ago

I dont think ive heard anyone compare final fantasy 7 with ... avatar lol
or say its a glorified version of avatar haha.

or even greta ha.

ziggyzinfirion85d ago

Definitely well deserved. Like I said in another article, I am still blown away while playing Final Fantasy VII: Remake and cannot wait for the Rebirth!

Cacabunga85d ago

Deserves to sell 10times more than that

Snookies1284d ago

Absolutely deserves more than that. There are multiple Final Fantasy games I can go back and play through over and over throughout the years. VII of course, being one of those. I've probably gone through it entirely about 10 times, lol. Even went so far as to completely mod my Steam version's soundtrack to update just about every song in it with covers/remixes.

Abnor_Mal84d ago

Is this the original PS2 game, or the remastered version that came out a few years ago where you can increase the games speed. Or are all versions of the game being counted as one in this milestone?

dumahim84d ago

"decades after its successful release"

Abnor_Mal84d ago

I’m guessing it’s all, but if all I would think that the number would be higher than 14 million.

Oh for clarity I didn’t read the article which would be obvious from the question.

MrNinosan84d ago

That's the original PS1 game, probably included with the remasters released on PC, Android, Switch, Xbox, PS3 and PS4.

However the Remake which is a completely different game is not included in the numbers.

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