A wealth of Unreal Engine 5 games are finally here - so how are the consoles coping?

After years of waiting, Unreal Engine 5 is finally here with a decent roster of full games to look at, beyond the tech demos and samples we had in the past. The early results have been mixed, with some titles exhibiting UE5's merits convincingly while others have been bogged down by image quality or performance problems. Yet there's one question that hasn't been answered quite as well: how well do these technologies scale to console systems? Today we're looking at the current state of Unreal Engine 5 on PS5, Series X and Series S to evaluate how the technology fares in early game efforts.

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I will speak for PC and say I don't really care for UE that much as I used to. To me the best game engine developer that can probably top UE if he was still making game engines is John Carmack. I wish he would return to doing just that.


The Future is Now: Upcoming Unreal Engine 5 Games That Will Amaze You

Explore the future of gaming with upcoming Unreal Engine 5 games. Discover how this groundbreaking engine is shaping next-gen titles across various genres, from stealth survival in 'Nakwon: Last Paradise' to action-packed adventures.

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rlow134d ago

I’ve been waiting to be amazed since they launched it. Some beautiful games out there, but not mind blowing. Hopefully this year is better.

FinalBoss34d ago

It's still early days, most of the games that have already been released under UE5 were started under UE4.
The devs are going to get to grips with this new engine, and come up with some great games.

rlow134d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I know but it’s been a minute….lol

I just remember those Gears of War, Halo, God of War holy crap moments.

My guess, the engine takes longer to optimize and more manpower to do it right.

EvertonFC34d ago

Nxt gen, it's always the same until you actually get the OMFG new engine games. Might see some in 2026 though.

FinalBoss34d ago

In fact, one of the biggest advances in UE5 is the 'ease' with which content can be created.
Take a look at this video from 3:50 onwards, showing how the engine automatically generates the scenery.

UE4 wasn't capable of that at this level. And the devs had to resort to all sorts of tricks to make quality procedural.
UE 5 greatly simplifies all that. In my opinion, games will take a different turn in the coming years.

rlow134d ago

Thanks for the link, will check it


We need Unreal Tournament 5. If Epic won't touch it I would rather pay fans money to make it. Lately I'm having more respect for fans of games that mod and or do total conversions than the actual devs.

FinalBoss34d ago

Oh boy, I forgot about Unreal Tournament! Such a good idea!

Yes there is many indie solo dev that works on UE5 'remake' which are doing a great job.
Like OverJump Rally - remaster of Sega Rally 2.
And Shenmue, that is entirely remade by a dev in UE5 as well.


The Sequel to Lies of P Will Be Powered by Unreal Engine 5

Neowiz's recent job listing unveiled the company's plans to use a newer version of the engine for the sequel.


Starbreeze developing Dungeons & Dragons game codenamed Project Baxter with Unreal Engine 5

From GameWatcher: "Starbreeze has licensed the Dungeons & Dragons IP from Wizards of the Coast to work on a video game it codenamed internally as Project Baxter, which will be developed using Unreal Engine 5.

Project Baxter is currently estimated to be released sometime in 2026, and will likely be developed for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X."

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Magog86d ago

Welcome but living up to Baldur's Gate 3 will be a mighty task

RaidenBlack86d ago

Different genre ... won't be a CRPG but rather a multiplayer co-op game

Magog86d ago

You can do multi-player co-op in BG3 too.

Snookies1286d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Why Project Baxter though? Haha, that seems so random. That just makes me think of Anchorman with Will Ferrell.

Zenzuu86d ago

Starbreeze's Riddick games on the original Xbox were exceptionally good. Looking forward to see what they can do with their new game.

ZwVw86d ago

That Starbreeze (Riddick/The Darkness) is sadly long gone. After switching engines, several key staff left for MachineGames. It's the main reason why the studio hasn't developed anything of note outside of the Payday series in years.

ApocalypseShadow86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

That's cool. My greatest wish was a big D&D game based off of the awesome cartoon that was on Saturday morning. Never happened but a fan did make a good streets of rage side scroller game on Openbor.


Playing as Hank or any of the characters with friends would have been awesome. Let's see what they do with the license.