Modern Warfare 3: Players Convinced AI Bots Are Being Placed Into Real Matches

Reports from players have surfaced stating that they believe they are playing with or against AI controlled bots in Modern Warfare 3.

Jin_Sakai91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Wouldn’t doubt it. Enemies are either bad or incredibly good. Something just feels off about this game.

excaliburps91d ago

Yep. I've experienced this "bot-like" moment as well. It just looked weird and unnatural.

BeHunted91d ago

You're probably a noob. You'll end up in lobbies that has the same skill set as other players.

excaliburps91d ago

Nope. Doubt it. You can check YouTube to see videos of this being widespread.

fr0sty91d ago

Probably because sales are so low that they have to fake it to make people think that the game is still being played.

outsider162491d ago

Im guessing that too. Im playing CodMw2 atm and i don't need MW3. What i hate though is they force you to download Mw3 to play mw2.

purple10190d ago

sales low, but still in the multiple millions so wouldn't be a problem id have thought, ??

Jin_Sakai91d ago

Recently played a game on Quarry and there was a guy killing everyone on our team and was on top of the scoreboard. Ended up watching the kill cam and he was under the map raking up kills. Saved a clip in PS5 with his name also.

Jin_Sakai91d ago

“I've seen this guy.“

Here’s the clip.


Abear2191d ago

This is why I stopped playing COD a couple years ago, if it’s not OP operators or perks destroying you it’s lame cheaters. Just too much cheese.

Mr_cheese90d ago


Don't drag me into it, haven't played cod in years 🤣

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thorstein91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

BF 2042 already has them to keep lobbies full and the bots leave when someone new joins. DICE announced this at launch because people were afraid they wouldn't ind 128 player games.

purple10190d ago

they were open about it though, cod at least, mw2 I've got, has ground war or capture or something, where they mix bots with real players to keep a constant large team, but again their open with that one,,

is this article perhaps talking about the traditional 6v6 maps, where, one would think, there's no need to fill a spot with a bot as many millions play this mode, specially, on the week of release / holiday period etc..

frostypants90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Why does anybody play that game instead of BF5 or BF1? Or Hell Let Loose for that matter?

Shane Kim90d ago

Hell let Loose is the best one. Hard imo, but fun.

frostypants90d ago

@Shane great community too. I think everyone knowing it's so hard actually makes people kind of chill about stuff as long as you actually try to play with the team.

Plague-Doctor2791d ago

These might just be bots being run by users to level up faster or something and not bots set up by activision to fill lobbies

Good-Smurf91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

I can already sense them using Bots to manipulate their player count anytime their games are underperform or lack real players.
If these guys really do cared about their games once the servers are closed they should give us bots to play with in offline matches but again greed gets in the way so most of these are paperweight vaporware years down the line and fans have to keep prop it up modding it.

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