Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Sold 4.3 Million Copies as Dev Team for the Sequel is Being Built

Today CD Projekt announced its financial results for Q3, 2023, including some interesting information about Cyberpunk 2077 and the Witcher franchise.

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Profchaos86d ago

Quite good numbers the DLC is amazing and was in my top 3 gaming experiences this year.

I wonder that attach rate is excluding sales on ps4 and x1 but does that include people who upgraded from PS4 to 5 and xsx etc as the attach rate is likely far lower if you include last gen owners who updated

CrimsonWing6986d ago

Really can’t wait for the sequel. I love the world of Cyberpunk.

JeffGUNZ86d ago

Man, I played this game when it first launched, back then I had a 2080 and was able to play over 60FPs with RT off. I beat it and never played it again. Just got Phantom Liberty and started playing the 2.0 update with a new character and man, it's such an amazing game now. I am also now playing with a 4090 RT maxed and it is absolutely stunning.

Demetrius86d ago

Recently beat cyberpunk, the 2.0 update was on point fasho, the graphics still look.good asf, hopefully in the sequel there's more to do and interiors to explore


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purple10133d ago

Yes but, Was thinking more along the lines of ride a bike, go swimming, go to gym, read more books?

Stanjara32d ago

It's over. I don't want to invest into physical, only to have next console without a disc drive.
Also Best Buy 2024.

FinalFantasyFanatic32d ago

These are all very good suggestions, I don't even know which one to prioritise, but everyone should be doing all of these things, then maybe the hobby will recover somewhat. I don't want to keep going down the path it's been going down lately.

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HyperMoused32d ago

Im 100% against subs, and couldnt agree more that peopel shouldnt do it, people love them though, you will own nothing and be happy