Daily Joypad: Skate It Review

Skate It had a lot of potential. A heck of a lot of potential. But EA have messed it up with this one. The controls aren't quite as water tight as they could be, the weak excuse for the lack of any other life in the game world, a 'pass the pad' multiplayer mode, and no open environment to explore at your own pace make Skate It feel like a totally botched job.

The challenges are still great fun, if a little on the tough side at times, and the amount of customisation available for personalising your character isn't bad at all. If you are fan of skateboarding games then you will definitely get a lot more from this. It is indeed a fun little title at times, but it ultimately lacks the soul of the original.

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kesvalk3568d ago

i have this game and i think it's very good...

okay, yea, the controls are not the best thing ever... but the game is great nonetheless