What Does 'Xbox Tax' Mean

Game Rant writes: "As things stand, Microsoft isn’t in danger of losing GOTY awards to a diabolical “Xbox Tax,” its priorities just need to shift toward pleasing players like Halo and Gears of War did back in Xbox’s heyday."

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eagle2193d ago

Microsoft seriously needs to step their game up (pun intended) if they want GOTY nominations. :)

sparky7792d ago

They already have and got tons of games to play.

They don't get nominations because of the so called "Xbox Tax" as it's cool to hate on Xbox these days, all Xbox fans know this and when we see reviews like 7/6 out of 10 we know really that's more of an 9/8 out of ten. Journalist know hating on Xbox gets maximum hits you just have to look at N4G the hottest articles are Xbox hit pieces.

crazyCoconuts92d ago

Microsoft has earned their hate and market position over many years, it's not "cool", it's rational behavior.
And if you want to see what a 8/9 looks like, play Spiderman 2 for a few hours and then play Starfield and compare. How are the graphics, character models, story, polish? It simply doesn't compare and people know that.

sparky7792d ago

And you are proving my point lol.

Regardless Xbox fans will have their views on "Xbox Tax" while PS fans will have their own. And we all know no on is capable of changing the others mind.

Tody_ZA92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

The difference is Sparky that we can provide mountains of evidence over a decade for why Xbox is in the position it is in and why we are critical of Microsoft and their practices. You can't substantiate your view of the "Xbox tax" beyond anecdotal evidence which is flimsy at best.

sparky7792d ago

Like I said you guys have your opinions we have our opinions.

Any "evidence" you can provide will be flimsy and worthless in my view, so providing it is pointless. Just like anything I say to you guys is pointless in your view otherwise you would understand what "Xbox Tax" is.

__y2jb92d ago

Sparky, list a few of these games which have suffered from the Xbox tax please.

Lightning7792d ago (Edited 92d ago )

The Xbox Tax goes way beyond just winning GOTY at the awards. It started when the Xbox One generaion when they tried to pull off what they did.

Most ppl forget that there 100% was a PS tax during the 7th gen. Get 2 jobs to buy a PS, over hyping the games and features etc. The industry was definitely harsh on PS3 that's no secret. How they get passed it? By being undeniable in its exclusives. Make games so great journalists can't talk crap. It wasn't one game it was multiple games that turned things around near the end of the PS3 gen. Same with Xbox what they with X1, they have to earn industry trust and needs to release hit, after hit, after hit to change the minds of the ppl. It wasn't just the DRM stuff it was the fact MS wasn't investing in games (due to internal politics) when you don't release nothing or cancel projects like they did. Yeah that trust went down the drain. Again PS can crawl out of that Xbox can as well, but the games need to be undeniable consistently.

Hofstaderman92d ago

Omg. Congrats you just gave me a mild stroke trying to make sense of your comment. Slow clap.

-Foxtrot92d ago


"Like I said you guys have your opinions we have our opinions"

Your opinion is literally "LALALALA NOT LISTENING LALALALA"

S2Killinit92d ago

xbox are really lacking in games to the point that anything that comes out for them is touted as the best thing since sliced bread. That is how thirsty the xbox fandom is.

crazyCoconuts92d ago

"Like I said you guys have your opinions we have our opinions."
There are just way fewer people with your opinion.
That's fine.. I say Disney ruined MCU and Star Wars, an apologist might spin it as a "Disney Tax".

Eonjay92d ago

Maybe Microsoft can buy the VGA and force everyone to vote for their games... and that will be okay with everyone because once everyone learns that suckling the teat of trillionaires and belittling themselves to glorify the rich is what makes them a real gamer... we can all become Xbox fanboys! An Xbox fan seems to be a fan of rich people who complain that life isn't fair to them; oh, and that only the poor should pay taxes.

northpaws92d ago

@sparky77 and Xbox is going downhill because of gamers like yourself that don't want them to do better.

It was never cool to hate Xbox, I have XBox Series X and GamePass, I just wish they make higher quality games. Their games quality made me regret my purchases.

Crows9092d ago

Keep in dreaming. Nobody gave Ori a 7/6 out of 10. It's a fucking great game. More of that would do you all down good but if you're going to pretend average games are actually spectacular...then yeah...that's the Xbox tax in a nutshell ..self inflicted harm.

fr0sty92d ago

Xbox Tax is copium that Xbots use to justify their purchase of a console that is sub-par.

notachance92d ago

well I mean, if this is the level of quality Xbox fans are willing to defend to death, we shouldn't be surprised as to why the games are mostly just of mediocre quality

their own fans are enabling them

QuantumMechanic92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

The "Xbox Tax" movement is an attempt to positively spin/vacate the strong philosophical distaste most of the console gaming community feels for MS' strategic approach to IP acquisition, game management, monetization, distribution, and ownership.

LordoftheCritics92d ago

XBOX TAX is an excuse that MS circle will use when their turds dont sell.

andy8592d ago

And we all know when we see 10/10 reviews from Xbox pages we know they're 7/8 games. It all balances. They don't get nominations because they haven't released a critically acclaimed AAA in a long long time.

RedDevils92d ago

Sparky is a wall, you don't talk to a wall.

Tody_ZA92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

@sparky Tell me your head is firmly planted in the sand without telling me your head is firmly planted in the sand.

Here are two facts for you that scratch the surface of Microsoft's decline:
1. Microsoft has diminished the quality of ALL of their once great franchises, namely Gears of War, Halo, Forza (see latest release)
2. Microsoft has failed to deliver or invest in new games despite acquiring a multitude of studios many years ago. The Initiative was formed in 2018 and has failed to produce a new game let alone a mere gameplay trailer to demonstrate their "AAAA" purpose.

If the above "evidence" as you call it is "flimsy", then you need to report back to school I'm afraid, you skipped a few years in critical thinking class - or perhaps you're in politics.

MrSec8491d ago

There's no Xbox Tax, Microsoft has released games that aren't fun, that lack refinement, titles like Redfall and Starfield are perfect examples of this.
I recently got a Series X, have been putting time into Starfield and it really lacks what even made the Fallout Series fun.
Nothing in Redfall looks fun, though I admit I haven't played it yet, but given the studio involved it doesn't seem to live up to what made the Dishonered games fun or have their polish.
Forza Motorsport 2023 is miles behind GT7 in the car handling, visuals, audio track for cars and tracks/ambience.

Sony and Nintendo have been bringing the games this gen, with inventive gameplay and mountains of polish to their experiences.
Talent and skill in game design, with the ability to make refined experiences is clearly way ahead of what we've had, waited to see and be delivered by the Xbox development community.

VariantAEC91d ago

**"Any "evidence" you can provide will be flimsy and worthless in my view, so providing it is pointless."**
Flat Earth Gaming? There is only one truth, Microsoft did poorly for 22 years straight with Xbox 360 being their most successful device with critical software for the brand... MS just couldn't make it work and that's why they're always in last place.

The evidence we have to back up our claims, MS also provided. By rejecting our evidence you openly reject the truths MS is telling you. You become a rouge fanboy rejecting facts that your favorite brand even acknowledges despite how it looks for them!

bababrooks91d ago

WORD, I hear you !!!!!!! N4G has always been Playstation nation even in it's old format! I don't read it for gaming info as all the threads are bias but they are amusing at times !

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shadowT93d ago

Starfield reviewers and influencer were cherry-picked, it is well known that large publications did not receive review codes. Maybe this is the reason for the missing Xbox nominations?

Eonjay92d ago

The VGA awards are decided by a panel of international reviewers. It is in fact a popularity contest. The most popular games across the word win. There may be a situation where Xbox itself isn't popular enough around the world to have one of their exclusive titles become popular enough. If that is the case they are going to have to make something with greater appeal. Perhaps they can take on of the popular multiplat games they stole and improve that to increase appeal. Oh - but if the game that was once multiplat becomes exclusive to Xbox it wont reach enough people to gain popularity.

andy8592d ago (Edited 92d ago )

If that was the case Psychonauts 2 wouldn't have been on the list it's not a popularity list it's a great game list. If Starfield was top top quality then it's guaranteed to be on the list and the only people they have to blame is themselves. The facts are this year is one of the best years for games and Microsoft did nothing good enough to deserve a GOTY nomination

LucasRuinedChildhood93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

It's a particularly childish form of deflection. Hi-Fi Rush got quite a few nominations because it's actually a great game and deserves them.

Last year Stray and A Plague Tale: Requiem were nominated for GOTY. Hi-Fi Rush would have made the top 6 last year.

But it's fair to say that this year was stacked (the best year for games in a while) so it didn't make it but neither did a lot of high quality games so it's no slight against it. Street Fighter 6, Armoured Core 6, Final Fantasy 16, Jedi Survivor, Pikman 4, The Talos Principle 2, Cocoon, Lies Of P, Hogwarts Legacy, Sea Of Stars, Dead Space, Remnant 2, etc didn't make it either.

If Xbox makes more games of that quality they will inevitably get into the top 6 and could win. It's simple - you have to earn it. I'm interested to see how good Hellblade 2 is.

LoveSpuds92d ago

Most sensible post I've seen on here for a while.