Assassin's Creed, Spider-Man, Mario and PS5 boost sales during October | European Monthly Charts

10.21 million PC and console games were sold across Europe according to GSD, a slight drop of 2.3% year-on-year. This data covers all games sold digitally by most major games publishers across the Eurozone (for UK market analysis, click here), and physical game sales in all major Eurozone markets.

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Nyxus186d ago

"As for consoles, not every Eurozone country is tracked. But across those that are included, PS5 is up 143% year-on-year in October (11% up month-on-month), Switch is 20% down year-on-year (10% up month-on-month), while Xbox is down 52% year-on-year (down 20% month-on-month)"


Brazz186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

Savage, Xbox is down 52%, a dire situation for Xbox 3 years in this gen.

RpgSama186d ago

That's one month after Starfield, did not make a difference in September and certainly did not make a difference for October, no legs for that.

Calvaro186d ago

Onto Spider-Man 2, and the PS5 game's launch was strong, with the first two weeks up nearly 30% compared with 2018's Spider-Man, and almost three times higher than 2020's Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Nyxus186d ago

Yeah, impressive results!

crazyCoconuts186d ago

Battlefield 2042 making #7? Am I dreaming?

Calvaro186d ago

Ya know, they gave that game out for PS+ and after that happened the game became popular again.

Report: Battlefield 2042 Sees Over 500% Player Increase After Coming to PlayStation Plus

The game was dying, then this happened and ever since then it's been quite popular.

crazyCoconuts186d ago

I'm glad. I enjoy it a lot. That last mode they had over Halloween was pretty cool too.
If they brought in some more older maps into Portal I'd be ecstatic (like Metro?)

Brazz186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

Now, 3 years in the gen and Xbox is down 52% in a year with Starfield.

Keeping in mind that the current generation should go until 2028, I wonder how Xbox will continue? They sold less than half as many consoles as last year and none of their upcoming releases carry expectations remotely comparable to Starfield. I think a new Xbox in 2026 is a possibility if Series X/S sales continue to be so bad, but I have doubts about its effectiveness, I doubt that an x360 situation will repeat itself.

Microsoft's "almost infinite" money and recent monstrous acquisitions are a big advantage, but I don't think the impact will come soon, maybe next gen?

Einhander1972186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

Let them rush into the next gen, PS5 is getting a Pro console so it's not like they will be able to achieve a huge advantage and the One X was 40% more powerful and they couldn't even win it's launch month. I personally think rushing a console for them is more likely to have a negative effect as any real benefit, I mean SX is significantly underperforming the xbone...

We see how long the PS4 generation has gone, which is to say PS4 games are still getting made and probably will still be getting made in 27. Rushing to the next gen for anyone is completely unnecessary. In fact I have been thinking that financially it would be best to have a really long generation. There really isn't even a need to change generations until something really changes things up again like SSD.

Chocoburger185d ago

No chance of a new generation anytime soon, not counting the upcoming PS5 Pro. It'd be too expensive, and developers already have to make 2 versions of Xbox Series games, if MS released another console, they'd be stuck making 3 versions of each Xbox game! YIKES!

This is where Sony made the right choice, so far only 1 PS5 version needs to be made, but perhaps next year when the PS5 Pro comes out, 2 versions will be made.

Einhander1972183d ago

Late reply I know, but the PS5 Pro doesn't even need new versions, all it needs is for games to have an unlocked framerate and use dynamic resolution scaling just by the nature of it being more powerful it'll have higher resolutions and better framerates.

But like you implied, It's way easier to exploit more power, than to squeeze a game onto a weaker console.

ThePacemaker186d ago

52% down! .. MS should literally consider dropping the hardware business 🤦🏻‍♂️

Aloymetal186d ago

Hey don't worry because soon we'll have a few articles saying....''How -52% down for Xbox is a great thing for MS gaming division and the industry, it'll also help to shape its dominant future''...

Hofstaderman186d ago

Imagine the mental gymnastics involved to spin this...

186d ago
Nyxus186d ago

It's especially bad when compared to PS5 being up 143% year-on-year.

RpgSama186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

And the fact that last year surely was not that hot neither for Xbox in Europe, getting that huge YoY drop on year 3 one month after their biggest game of the generation so far, Starfield, definitely does not bode well.

badz149186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

even worse, it happened right after Starfield...one of the most overhyped games of all time, as a console exclusive!

but seriously, where is Starfield in that chart? it was just released last month!