Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Needs A Proper DLC, Not More "Insomniac Original" Suits

Despite multiple, very convincing leaks about a DLC, the only thing Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is getting is more suits. Where's the DLC, Sony?

RaidenBlack21d ago

... i think Insomniac's planning a Venom based spinoff similar to Miles Morales

Inverno21d ago

The first game came out in September, by October it had its first dlc release and by December "The City That Never Sleeps" had concluded. If you're wondering why there hasn't been any DLC for Spiderman 2 it's cause they didn't work on it alongside it's main development. It's been a pretty normal practice for devs to work on DLC that way which is why they have extra content out so quickly. Most likely we'll be getting Venom stand alone next year and Wolverine the year after that.

21d ago
-Foxtrot21d ago

I thought this but you have to think Insomniac wasted a lot of their time of that live service game which was cancelled

That was probably supposed to be the “extra” for the game.

purple10120d ago


I don’t know if every Sony game that got cancelled was correct,

Also I don’t know how they are making twisted metal season 2, but cancelled the game? Surely the show is meant to drive popularity and visibility of the game where the real profits are made. So that doesn’t add up to me. Maybe it just changed developer, fingers crossed I suppose

Xeofate21d ago

So giving out free suits isn't enough?

You're actually asking to be nickel and dimed and Sony is bad for not nickle and diming you?


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InUrFoxHole26d ago

Yeah I saw the coolest iron man statue at Universal. He was getting his armor removed. $750. That's crazy


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just_looken31d ago

Oh a spider man 2 update did you fix?

Mary jane being more powerful than the hulk?
The sweet baby story?
Remove pointless quest's?
made the combat better?
Add real npc ai?

Oh no i should stop i see now you spent 2ish weeks at most making more suits something i could get from nexus mods.

repsahj30d ago

You cry this much for a suit update? XD

Daeloki30d ago

You know maybe, just maybe, this game isn't for you.

just_looken30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

@rep @dae

If you looked at my old video or played sony games with your eyes open spiderman one issues were in miles dlc and spiderman 2.

Be it the crap ai combat that can go wonky or play as miles break the game/play broken stealth mission

Then you got those event's that spawn like the car chase that always bugs out in some way making getting that trophy a pain still not fixed still the same event 3 games in.

So yes for 200 million dollars on spider man 2 apparently 150 mill spiderman one and no doubt 30mill on the dlc i expect issues to be fixed that have been around sense 2018


Miles dlc boss fight max difficulty crashed on me 4 times

Still can happen to this day

If they are tossing out half a billion dollars i expect better ai with bugs from 6yrs ago ironed out.

Daeloki30d ago

My dude, I have zero interest in your videos. My point stands, maybe play a different game.

Ironmike30d ago

He making valid points he obviously a fan of the series ,u one in denial the games have some serious flaws for the budget they had fact my friend

just_looken30d ago


Thank you

Some people are just super blind i actually show a video one of 2 i have were the ai can not damage each other and like cyberpunk launch day 1 they have the same animation packs.

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