Destiny 2 Has Hit Its Lowest Player Count In Franchise History

Destiny 2 has had a rough year, after an intense, rough couple of weeks involving layoffs and revelations about the health of the game and the company. A lot of factors have combined to produce a new playercount low, at least from the metrics we can track.

Judging by Steam numbers, a significant portion of the playerbase, in the last 30 days the game’s average playercount was 34,816 and its peak playercount was 59,076. Those are both all-time lows, ever since the game was first released on Steam.

Kaii15d ago

"Looks up my D2 comment 110D Ago"
Bungie at GDC "Beware of overdelivering, quality doesn't matter, a live service being fast is more important than quality"

Could've fooled me 🙄

Angyobangyo15d ago

Warframe is older yet has a higher concurrent player count. It's nothing to do with being old, it's a lot to do with how devs handle the game and Bungie has put more effort into the Eververse and Season Passes over the years than the actual game.

Cacabunga15d ago

Ok an old game not having same player count doesnt mean it is bad..
can be newer games looking better are providing same fun factor..

Fat Princess community on PS3 is still very strong and many are still playing it. Because there ain’t anything like it

TreMillz15d ago

He's right, live service games need constant content to keep players engaged. The results of reducing content for higher quality still results in player loss.

Rols15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

Probably a lot of gullible people are playing MW3 after your BS review Forbes.

Tnt12315d ago

Have even tried it iam far from a sheep I bought and it's the best multiplayer being in yrs for me

sparky7715d ago


Sony really should have held off buying Bungie sounds like they got played and overpaid, no wonder MS passed on them.

And to think they are the ones heading up Sony's GaaS initiative, that TLOU factions game might have actually been good.

LabRat15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

I mean, 34k players for a 6 year old game is pretty good. Way better than any of MS live service games (Halo, Sea of Thieves, etc.) Those games are at like 5k concurrent.

sparky7715d ago

It's not a 6 year old game though it just released a new expansion if I remember correctly.

And look how old games like WoW, Fortnite, Minecraft, COD etc are and they aren't having all time lows.

As for MS games the majority of their players are on Game Pass so they likely all have higher numbers than Destiny.

remixx11615d ago


He's right though, als releasing a new expansion back in february does not stop it ftom being an old game.

Desyiny 2 came out in september of 2017.

Also Cod literally just released a sequel so of course its not having sll time lows.

Your last point has no credibility, your just hoping the statement is true.

D2 isnt great right now but still

mrcatastropheAF14d ago

The bulk of Halo Infinite's player count sits on Xbox and Game Pass for PC, not steam lol. Can guarantee far more people are playing Halo Infinite than Destiny 2 all platforms considered

crazyCoconuts15d ago

I didn't know about overpaid, but an interesting way to look at that is Sony paid 5% of what MS paid for Activision/Blizzard.

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crazyCoconuts15d ago

So I guess revenue wise $8B vs $200M, so Sony paid 5% for something that generates $2.5% of Act/Blzd revenue. Looks like comparatively MS got a much better deal

Obscure_Observer14d ago

The sum Sony paid Bungie for talent retention alone is worth of 1/3 of the whole deal.

Sony paid a sum worth of 4 Insomniac Games studios to prevent people from leaving Bungie and still 100+ people got fired after just one year as a Playstation first party studio, not to mention both new game and Destiny 2´s next expansion getting pushed back which might only contribute for even lower player count and engagement.

So yeah, imo, it was overpaid.

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frostypants14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

It's all about Marathon now. They didn't buy them for Destiny 2. It was old news when the purchase happened.

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Crows9015d ago

Isnt destiny 2 a super old game now?

Very few live service games actually succeed like destiny 2 has...it's about time their player count reduces...still higher than many other games.

I hope they move on soon to other IP.

I'm curious what Bungie could do with an IP like resistance

crazyCoconuts15d ago

Would love to see them put out some solid FPS games, preferably not more Destiny. That light/dark religion thing they for going on doesn't interest me at all

ravens5215d ago

Probably nothing considering they only want to make multiplatform games.

Crows9015d ago

When money doesn't come in lots can change.

Gameseeker_Frampt14d ago


Age has nothing to do with it. Sony just paid $3.6 billion for Bungie, who's only game is at its worst point ever and that is a result of all the supposed Bungie live-service experience that Sony paid so much for. Many of the games that are beating Destiny 2 in Steam player count are as old or older than Destiny 2.

RAFTECH2615d ago

Everyone is running COD.
And it’s over for D2…. Sad

Dumb casuals

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Snookies1214d ago (Edited 14d ago )

How about they move on to Destiny 3 instead then. They lost me when they continued on the trend from the first game in locking people out of previously accessible content upon a DLC release. I was a HUGE Destiny fan back in the day too. Like probably being in the top 20-30 teams for first clears of raid content upon release.

The developers are scummy though. That's what made me lose my taste for the game. Despite the gameplay being amazing. Always said I MIGHT try Destiny 3. If they ever release it. They've burned me twice now though, through poor practices with locking content we had access to on both games. So, I'm not holding my breath on that.