A Galactic Legal Battle: The KOTOR 2 DLC Saga

Aspyr Media faces a lawsuit over the canceled KOTOR 2 DLC for the Switch, amid claims of misleading marketing and a third-party objection.

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KOTOR II's Restored Content DLC Cancellation Sparks Controversy and Legal Actions

Exploring the controversy surrounding KOTOR II's canceled Restored Content DLC for the Switch and the subsequent class action lawsuit. Dive into the community's reactions and the unfolding legal drama.

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Sony Claims It Delisted The KoTOR Remake Trailer Due to Music License Expiring

Sony has attempted to clarify its recent removal of social media posts related to the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake.

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porkChop62d ago

I've never heard of a trailer being delisted due to music licensing.

MrNinosan62d ago

Happens all the time, and even games get de-listed for same reason (GTA, Tony Hawk etc)

Blaze92961d ago

all the time? What other trailers has this happened to? Videos get re-uploaded 100x over, there's no way everyone complies.

bradfh61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

YouTube enforces strict copyright rules. Even PewDiePie, who owns the rights to "B*tch Lasagna," had his video taken down.

bloop61d ago

All depends what licensing rights were agreed upon. If it was timed then they'd have to pull it due to not having rights anymore. Having said that though, it is a little bit bizarre to have a timed agreement on music for a trailer 🤔

porkChop61d ago


Bro, that's when you don't *have* the license to the music. I have never heard of a trailer being taken offline because of a music license expiring. Show me one example where a trailer disappeared specifically due to music licensing.

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mkis00762d ago

I mean if it was canceled they would say it right? What would be the reason to not say it at this point. And if they have as much control as it's claimed, why would they cancel it over just releasing it eventually?

Becuzisaid62d ago

Did they ever admit that Agent from Rockstar was cancelled?

EvertonFC62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Do rockstar still owe Sony a game with the LA Noire situation? Obviously it was supposed to be "Agent".
My guess is Sony will try and get a 1 year exclusive deal for GTA 6 maybe for the game they owe them unless that's been sorted ages ago.

slate9162d ago

1 year GTA exclusivity because of Agent. 😂. Some things never change.

Eonjay62d ago

I'm not sure how much control Sony has given that it's just a timed exclusive.

talocaca61d ago

Waiting for the updated trailer with new music then 🥰

(Obviously being sarcastic, this game is dead)

Hofstaderman61d ago

Please let this game still be happening. Even better give it to a Sony studio.

Michiel198961d ago

cause Sony studios make rpgs.....oh wait, they don't

Hofstaderman61d ago

Cause Sony has studios under their belt which are renound for releasing quality titles. Not an opinion, fact. Their offerings don't score 71%.

Michiel198960d ago

yes Sony 1st party studios make awesome games, just not rpg's. The best choise is ofc a studio that has never made an rpg, instead of say....Obsidian...who actually made a Kotor game

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