Flashback 2 Is Out Now, But Switch Owners Will Need To Wait A Bit Longer

Developer and publisher Microids has launched Flashback 2 on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, though unfortunately, it looks like Switch owners will need to wait a little longer, specifically until sometime in Q1 2024.

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OtterX217d ago

I was a fan of the original back in the 90's, and somehow never heard about this sequel! Pretty cool to see a classic resurrected. I'll have to check it out (if reviews are good), probably PS5 or Steam that hit today

Snookies12217d ago

There was a sequel or reboot or something before this one. It didn't review too well though, so I never checked it out. Also kind of makes me wary of this one. The original was an amazing game back in the day. I always loved the atmosphere and aesthetics it had going for it. One of those truly unique games that just leaves a lasting impression.

QuarkZ216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

Yup, as a big fan of the original, the remake made me sad, it was absolute garbage and I couldn't finish it, a bit like Oddworld new and tasty that a lot of people hated, yet they doubled down with the sequel and got slapped as a result.
Just very weird that we heard nothing about this sequel, but I agree that it doesn't make me very optimistic. I guess we'll see!

Edit: yeah, looking at Steam comments and stuff, it's shit lol

Rebel_Scum216d ago

The remake sucked. All the atmosphere of the original was completely vacant from it.


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OtterX210d ago

Ouch. I'd rather them leave our nostalgia alone than half ass it, trample on it. Thanks for the warning.

autobotdan210d ago

The greatest game of all time confirmed


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