Unicorn Overlord Reveals New Characters & Details With Screenshots & Vanillaware's Gorgeous Art

Atlus just released a massive gallery of screenshots and artwork, alongside new details of Unicorn Overlord, Vanillaware's upcoming Tactics JRPG.

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Unicorn Overlord - Demo Trailer

Get a head start on your conquest with the Unicorn Overlord demo! 🎮

Saved data will convert over to the full game upon release, so there's no need to worry about losing your progress.


Unicorn Overlord Has More Content than Any Other Game in Vanillaware's History

Vanillaware's next JRPG Unicorn Overlord isn't just gorgeous. It's also big. The beloved Japanese developer revealed that it's the game with the most content it has ever made.

shinoff21835d ago

I'm hoping to have the money for this. Was watching more about it over the weekend and it looks so damn cool.

jznrpg5d ago

13 Sentinels and Dragons Crown were fairly long games. I can appreciate a lot of content.

Unknown_Gamer57945d ago

Sweet! Glad past me pre-ordered a collector's edition of this from VGP.

FinalFantasyFanatic4d ago

Vanillaware games already have a lot of content, and they're long games, I cannot fathom how much more this game might have, at least you certainly get your money's worth.


Unicorn Overlord by Vanillaware Reveals Gorgeous Screenshots, New Characters, and Battle Details

Vanillaware and Atlus released a new gallery of screenshots and plenty of details about the upcoming strategy JRPG Unicorn Overlord.

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