Starfield Gets Snubbed At 2023 Game Awards

Gaming Bible writes: "Bethesda must be reeling today after Starfield is snubbed by The Game Awards 2023."

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ZeekQuattro189d ago

As much as I like the game it definitely isn't GOTY material. Not by a long shot.

RpgSama189d ago

I mean, it got nominated for Best RPG, that's probably as much as they could have asked out of that game, not even going to win that since they are going against BG3

Crows90189d ago

But it's up against far better nominees.

Cacabunga189d ago

To my knowledge this show is about the best games no?

fr0sty189d ago

Imagine what Microsoft shareholders are thinking right now after billions spent acquiring Bethesda, and their first game for the platform turns out to be mediocre...

fr0sty189d ago

Add to that, MW3 flopping, and... well... some heads are rolling at the next conference call.

Michiel1989189d ago

@frosty they do not care about goty awards....they care about if it made them money which it probably did.

Cacabunga189d ago

Where is obscure observer? Tell him he can come out it’s totally safe

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badz149189d ago

what really got snubbed big time is Hogwarts Legacy.

LOL @ Starfield

ravens52189d ago

FF16 was also snubbed. It should've been there instead of a REMAKE smdh.

VincentVanBro189d ago

lol literally no one expected Hogwarts Legacy at the game awards, so I wouldn't call that a snub.

shinoff2183188d ago

I'd take remake. Starfield and ff16 just weren't goty material.

porkChop189d ago

I don't see why it's a big deal that it wasn't nominated anyway. We've had a ton of really great games this year, no matter what something was going to get "snubbed". It's not a big deal.

Yui_Suzumiya189d ago

Exactly. Anonymous;Code, Grisaia: Chronos Rebellion and Ginka didn't get nominated and those are masterpieces. Everyone had been waiting since 2014 for Anonymous;Code and it finally released to critical acclaim and it was snubbed.

Profchaos188d ago

@yui can't say ive heard of them I'm assuming they are niche games?

lelo2play189d ago

Starfield is my GOTY... and my opinion is the one that matters the most.
BG3 comes next.

189d ago
VincentVanBro189d ago

Well you are objectively wrong but that's ok

lelo2play188d ago

If you value others opinions more than your own, that's your problem. Feel sorry for you.
For me, my opinion is always the most important opinion.

neutralgamer1992189d ago

A remake shouldn’t be up for a GOTY unless major changes were made

Hogwarts Legacy

These 2 should be there

Obscure_Observer189d ago

"As much as I like the game it definitely isn't GOTY material. Not by a long shot."

Maybe not. But it got snubbed all the same.

Starfield not been nominated to best audio design and best score and music was another injustice.

Death Stranding has an 82 Metascore and had the most nominations that any game ever had including GOTY simply because Geoff is in the game.


Same thing with Famitsu and its publisher´s president and former editor-in-chief.


That been said, Starfield was not alone and both FFXVI and Hogwarts Legacy got dumped to make room for R4, a remake that despite been awesome, has a lower Metascore compared to the original that already have a GOTY award.

What they did to Hogwarts Legacy is travesty and only shows how Geoff and his gang is biased.

189d ago
shinoff2183188d ago

Hogwarts was a good game but I wouldn't say it was goty either. My goty wasn't nominated either and it's OK I personally have had the most fun with star ocean 2 remake. I didn't expect it to either. It's all just opinion.

ChronoJoe188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

It’s unsurprising that most reputable outlets won’t platform a game that helps support an influential bigot (Rowling). So it’s easy to see why people distanced themselves from it.

Profchaos188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

I would of thought more highly of Hogwarts if it didn't level gate missions. When I'm getting into the story I want to go from one mission into another not be blocked because I don't meet a barrier for entry.
It's like you're running through the game to fast take a break go brew some positions or something then come back.

If that was handled better I'd say it definitely needed to be on the list

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Juancho51186d ago

All that money Microsoft spent and they released the WORST COD game (Obvious DLC cash grab) in history, and Starfield only didn’t flop because there’s nothing else for them to play. If Baldur’s Gate 3 had been released on Xbox Starfield would’nt have done half the numbers.

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Vengeance1138189d ago

Can't snub what doesn't deserve to be there.

notachance189d ago

If anything it’s Hogwarts Legacy that was snubbed, should easily be nominated for best art/design because of how they beautifully recreated the Hogwarts Castle but the media simply has to have this ridiculous fight with jk rowling