Quantum Theory uses tech from Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Tecmo's upcoming PS3-exclusive shooter, Quantum Theory, isn't made by the notorious Team Ninja studio. However, why should developers Team Tachyon relearn a system that their peers have already mastered? The technology is owned by Tecmo, so why not share resources?

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sinncross3571d ago

i dunno, this doesn't strike me as a very good looking title, especially not sigma levels. maybe they've only shown us older builds.

MAR-TYR-DOM3571d ago

but after haze and too human, i really dont want to hype up a game that has seen no gameplay and is not from an "amazing" developing studio. I always find myself rooting for 'small' games like this only to see them become hyped up and fall short of expectations.

Gue13571d ago

The funny thing is that all the videos we have seen of the game are CGI and they look bad. lol

Beast_Master3571d ago

Well Too Human and Haze were not terrible games in the eyes of many people (See G4's Adam Sessler who added it to the holiday gift guide on X-Play). But this is not a western developer which means I will give them the benefit of the doubt until the game is released or we see more on the game.

Cwalat3571d ago

well, we have seen zero.. zilch..

so no way we can start judging now..

but didn't NG Sigma do 1080p 60fps... that is not a bad merit to have... also, if they pull this off well... and don't do just Gears copy.. i think it has potential...

will gladly have this under my radar.

rroded3571d ago

Still if they get it close and the gameplays tight ill buy it loved gears woulda been a perfect ten for me without the glitches.


Is this the GeoW copy? I'm glad its noy using the Unreal engine, i hate it! If used properly, this game will beat Gears.

INehalemEXI3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

I don't know about this game , but Sigma was butter aside from it being a last gen game upgraded to this gen.

The chick in this game is kinda cool.

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jcfilth3571d ago

At least we now know the game will look good, next, gameplay.

Gue13571d ago

so we can expect another 1080p 60fps game? How many game the X360 has that run at that quality?

El_Colombiano3571d ago

It wasn't native 1080p. Upscaled. Sadly.

Mc1873571d ago

But it was a great game, kinda hard too.

Gue13571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

what? I thought it was 1080p... that was one of the main selling points of the game, that it was 1080p running at 60fps like GT5:P.

my bad then. I did a search and is true, NGS runs at 720p but I found that Ninja Gaiden II runs at 585p. So my point is still valid, at least a little. =)

ultimolu3571d ago

...I'm skeptical about this one. :o

Mc1873571d ago

It is built on the sigma engine (or whatever they call it) i think I will at least keep an eye on it . Besides I like new IP's that's my favorite part about the PS brand

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The story is too old to be commented.