PlayStation 4 Controllers - All Color Variations & Limited Editions

The PlayStation 4 offers a wide range of controller variations, encompassing a diverse selection of colors and featuring some unusual and distinct designs.

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darthv72107d ago

Consolevariations.com is a good site. The gamestop ones I added to their database. Cool to see my pics being used in this piece.

Freecs107d ago

Yes thank you for the pictures, this piece is meant for casual players to check out all variation in one place, consolevariations is an awesome website of course especially for hardcore collectors.

gold_drake107d ago

my .mate made me a custom see-through controller and its the best one ive ever seen and had ha


France Fines Sony for Combating Third-Party PS4 Controllers

PlayStation LifeStyle says: "The French antitrust authority Autorité de la Concurrence has slapped Sony Interactive Entertainment with a fine for taking measures to combat third-party PS4 controllers. In an attempt to fight off counterfeits, Sony implemented technical measures that negatively affected the functioning of third-party controllers, according to the regulator."

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jznrpg56d ago

I never buy 3rd party controllers. They’re usually crappy or too expensive for what they offer

DarXyde55d ago

I feel like the age of crappy third party controllers ended. I might be wrong, but I only ever hear of the high end third party controllers now.

Either way, I feel like people should be able to buy and use these devices, even if they're bad quality.

Sure, it's Sony's box, but no company should do this unless it's some shady device-bricking controller.

Majors55d ago

Wait So Micro$oft gets away with it by disabling 3rd party controllers Whilst Sony gets a fine for only affecting them >?


Playstation 5 Dualsense Unpacking And PS4 Dual Shock Comparison Video

Here is a look at the new Dualsense controller for the PS5 as Skewed and Reviewed unboxed it and compared it with the DualShock 4 Controller.

Themba761212d ago

Just got mine today it feels heavier than the ds4

Garethvk1212d ago

First thing I noticed and my wife did as well.


Fan Makes Snap-On DualShock 4 Flight Stick With Triggers and It's Impressive

A fan has crafted a 3D-printed snap-on DualShock 4 flight stick adapter and it's very impressive! Watch it be used to play Star Wars Squadrons. He even shares how he made it, as well as samples of other snap-on adapters.

excaliburps1237d ago

Indeed. I mean, it might be easier to just buy a flight stick, but this is still insanely well made.

SullysCigar1237d ago

I dunno, I mean if he shares the AutoCAD file, supposedly anyone could buy/download to a 3D printer?

My mate has a 3D printer and has offered to print me a stock to clip onto my AIM controller, which I'm pretty excited for! Just gives that little extra stability.

RabbitFly1237d ago


Files are linked to in the article.

Nitrowolf21237d ago

I saw the video thumbnail, didn't think it'd work that good but from his gamwplay it looks great. Amazing indeed

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sprinterboy1237d ago

I read that as "fan makes strap on for duelshock 4" haha

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