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RaidenBlack47d ago

It would've been cool, if the PS5 titles had an alternate feature for playing them with Dualshock 4. Like disabling the adaptive triggers input and replacing haptic feedback with rumble.
I know this means it'll defeat the whole purpose but this also does mean I can keep the Dualshock 4 as a cheap backup. Or for local couch-split-screen multiplayer.

Atom66647d ago

I can 100% understand 1st party. But all of the multplats could easily work without the new features (and likely will). Many of them already work with the DS4 because they have a ps4 version.

RaidenBlack47d ago

Yea that's during cross-gen transition.
What about pure next-gen multi-plat titles?

bouzebbal47d ago

PS3 was compatible dualshock 2 with all the games, until the jailbreak released and the USB ports weren't supported anymore..
Yes, it can be compatible DS4 for all games

Atom66647d ago

Pure next generation multiplats? Meaning compatible on PC where you can use DS4s, Xbox, or any other controller?

Or meaning multiplat across consoles where you can also use non-dual sense pads?

I only use PS4 as my SP exclusive machine anymore, so this doesn't affect me as much as that family w/kids, or the people who use their PS systems for couch MP. But I was hopeful that the old "got to rebuy all new everything" was finally ending.

ShadowWolf71247d ago


...the DualShock 2 didn't use USB, man.

bouzebbal47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Shadow wolf

I know.. They were compatible with USB adaptor. I had one, I know what I'm talking about.
I'll never forget 4player virtua tennis 3 with only 1 sixaxis.. Rest was ps2 and pc controllers.

Bruh47d ago

@Raiden Black

They are functionally the same controller. The Dual Sense has added gimmicks that really only first party studios will actually take advantage of. Its literally market speak for shut up and go buy our $70 controller. I understand certain titles not being compatible for DS4. But every single PS5 game? Hell nah thats BS haha

umair_s5147d ago

Good point. I think they shouldn't block PS4 support from any game. When you boot a PS5 exclusive that needs a dual sense, you should still be allowed to play the game with DS4 but you should be warned that you are missing out on features.

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crazyCoconuts47d ago

Yea, that's a pretty hard stance. Maybe they'll patch that functionality in later if people keep asking for it

47d ago
Zeref47d ago

It's nothing but a marketing play. Anyone that defends this is a blind shill.

1st party games I guess I could understand even though they could easily work around those as well. But 3rd party multiplatform games as well? Pure BS

crazyCoconuts47d ago

I find your extreme "anyone" comments discouraging. It's a sign of closed mindedness, shutting down collaboration. You should temper your accusations and try to be more accepting of other people's opinions.

Juvia47d ago Show
Bruh47d ago

You'll get down-voted cause N4G crusades anything negative for PS but its true. Locking out certain titles to Dualsense only is fine. But every single PS5 games, including titles that may or may not take advantage of the 3D rumble and haptic triggers, its downright anti-consumer, its just a ploy for them to go make you buy 3 more controllers for co-op sessions

OB1Biker47d ago

Why would you want to play PS5 games with a DS4? Many games will still work with DS4 for years anyway.

GamerRN47d ago

It's a shame they aren't supporting everything. With so the multi platform games it wouldn't be hard to integrate the older peripherals. I get it that they want you buying into the new ecosystem but I think they could have been smoother about it.

Either way, we are almost there! Can't wait to get a new shiny system! I still get giddy...

ILostMyMind47d ago

Sony don't want you to keep a cheap backup, they want you to buy a new DSense. And it makes sense.

Christopher46d ago

Sure. But I paid some good money for my C40 certified PS4 controller. It's not a cheap backup.

47d ago
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THC CELL47d ago

I wonder if vr games will look better and track better with new cam

elazz47d ago

The new camera is a dual 1080p with higher fov as well I think and in general improvements on other levels. I do believe tracking would be better compared to the ps4 version.

THC CELL47d ago

All I need to know we have been trying to get info in work as many people keep.asking

We are getting a price soon possible end of this month according to games hq who's working on trade price offers and bundles

GamerRN47d ago

It depends now on the software... The resolution wasn't so much the problem. Look at the tracking of Facebook portal, it's actually really good. It's all software related. They should installed a separate chip just to power that

Profchaos46d ago

Hopefully tracking was so bad on psvr I was hoping for the ability to add a side camera somehow

thesoftware73047d ago

So lame that I cant use my PS4 controllers with PS5 games. Why cant I just disable the Haptic feedback gimmick?
This reminds me of the Switch with the whole HD rumble thing.

LoveSpuds47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Why bother developing tech and pushing the industry forward if devs can just ignore a new feature. There was a time before dual sticks, what if we had said the same about the introduction of this technology to controllers?

Seems premature to call it a gimmick too in my opinion it also strikes me as so entitled. I have rarely bought a console that didn't introduce a new controller.

Point I am making is, what if these new triggers genuinely make an impact?

RaidenBlack47d ago

Yea ... completely agreeable.
The new controller will always come bundled with the console. Every user, new or existing will fully experience the plethora of Dualsense features.
But also implementing a DualShock back-compatibility mode helps a lot for existing PS4 users.

crazyCoconuts47d ago

I guess you can make the case that if instead of buying extra PS5 controllers for your family / friends, you just use your old PS4 controllers, game developers will have even less of a reason to code for PS5 specific features. So the hard line might be a way to force adoption

Shaggy230447d ago


The PS4 controller has a touch screen, how many games actually use it for anything more than a menu button, same with the built in speaker.

The Xbox One controller has rumble triggers, hardly any games outside of first party titles use them.

I agree that if a controller is just downright better than the previous generation that it should be dropped. But we are now getting to the point where its incremental steps in improvements. 100% of the next gen games on both consoles could theoretically be played with this generations controller, yes you may miss out on some rumble feature or whatever, but you'll be able to play the game.

Sony chooses to force you to buy a new controller if you want more than one, Microsoft doesn't.

gamer780447d ago

I wouldn’t say slightly different haptic feedback is pushing the industry forward tbh, basically they get to make more money on accessories is all this really is

crazyCoconuts47d ago

@shaggy, if you're going to compare this to Xbox, you have to be fair is saying MS didn't add features to the controller, so they don't have to deal with this issue. Back to PS5, if a game is designed to do ADS on a half trigger pull and fire with full pull, that functionality won't work without putting resistance between those two points. This policy allows developers to freely design around those capabilities without having to worry about some backwards compatibility mode. I don't know if it will work or not, but it makes's a new console with new features. Customers are paying for those features, so let's try to give developers a reason to use them...

thesoftware73047d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Entitled? I spend hard earned money on Sony products. Calling me entitles implies that they are giving me something or doing me a favor, just cause you feel the need to suck up whatever BS they are pitching dont mean we all have to be happy and spin this its to some kind of "Moving the industry forward" nonsense.

Moving the industry forward can be defined many ways, like compatibility, easy of use, scaling, Choice and keeping what I already paid for relevant, all while adding new "OPTIONS". All that can be seen as industry and consumer(Which btw is you and me) leading and friendly.

I am not ignorant to buying new systems and new controllers, as I have been gaming for many many years, but come on, lets not pretend this is good for the consumer or some kind of major technological advancement for gaming.

Yes I called it a Gimmick. Beeps and boops, with different rumble pressure will be fun but still a gimmick that I am almost certain I would enjoy my game almost the same way without it. Just like the joy-cons..OH MY! it really feels like i'm pouring water but a gimmick that I can live without.

Saijahn47d ago

How is it pushing the industry forward? Xbox been had haptic feedback in their controllers since 2013.

Shaggy230447d ago


Microsoft did add features to the Series X controller, they add a third menu button that I think is being called the share button.

Bruh47d ago

The ideal, consumer friendly solution to that problem is to create a product that people buy because they are interested in what it can do, not because it's the only way to use the PS5. If you're afraid that not enough people would buy your new product without forcing it, then you have not created an interesting enough new product.

Palitera47d ago

"fully experience the plethora of Dualsense features"
Dear God, is this how some people are describing the latest gimmick? SMH

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BQ3247d ago

Yeah, I am pretty peeved by this as I am a competitive multiplayer gamer and have spent a lot of money of different controllers such as the scuf vantage and what not. Xbox definitely leads Playstation in that regard as the Elite is an amazing controller. Sony needs to finally make their own comp controller. I feel like it was a huge miss to not include adaptability for back buttons on the standard controller.

RaidenBlack47d ago

The new Elite is a good controller.
But the original Elite had quality issues.

GamerRN47d ago

Yeah the rubber grips kept falling off. That was annoying. I'm glad it's fixed in E2

FyBy47d ago

It makes sense. Same reason Sony making PS5 exclusives PS5 only and not for PS4. They put everything into it. Its a pitty, that for couch coop I cant use some of the old controllers. But anyway....they are really old and worn out :-)

RosweeSon47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Don’t get that myself but 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 I wanna use a ps5 pad for Ps5 games myself and one comes with every console so it’s a none starter really if you wanna continue using PS4 or playing ps4 games with a dual shock4 you can if not you use the new controller for the new console you just bought and funnily enough each console comes with a free controller 😑🤷🏻‍♂️ 😂✌🏻

Shaggy230447d ago

And your friend pops round, you show off the latest game, it can be played couch co-op.

See the problem?

RosweeSon47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Shaggy I get that but if you wanna show off the latest games gotta pay up otherwise couch co-op fifa etc play last years save yourself the money get next years much cheaper put money towards a pad. I rarely get mates round for gaming (yes I have a couple 😂) if we’re gaming it’s online but I get your argument I just think for the majority won’t be an issue play online play the last years version through BC with dual shock 4’s or get mates to bring their pads or go flash buy spare pad. It’ll be expensive day1 etc but 6-12 months down the line 🤷🏻‍♂️ Sure there will be bundles with an extra controller or what not if couch co-op is that big to you maybe don’t upgrade console day1 I buy the console for me 😜✌🏻🤓&# 128514; been long time since had some old school 4 player goldeneye sessions myself 🤓✌🏻

If I was that attached to a controller to play older games I’d just stick with the older system. Personally I’m not done with ps4 but more than excited to see what they cooking up with ps5 new controller features seem pretty great to me. We’ll see when I got one in my hands.

In response to another of your comments yeah they could disable all the new next gen features they implementing and stick with dual shock 4 but what is the point in that if your getting a new console you want something new be it the games the controller the features or all the above. Last thing I’m turned off is all the new features for the new controller. I think some people need to just stick with current gen or go for some old some old options for Fifa and assassins and same old zzz

OB1Biker47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

And why cant you use the DualSense?
It 'a probably a better controller.

blackblades47d ago

Who wants to play new games on a next gen system with an old controller "This Guy!"

Knushwood Butt47d ago

I want a system that plays all PS4 games and is fully compatible with the Dualshock 4.

I'm thinking of getting a PS4.

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crazyCoconuts47d ago

Racing wheels still work! That's important for me. Nice that they're providing the camera adapter for free for VR owners, very customer friendly.

LoveSpuds47d ago

Agreed in both scores mate, glad I can keep my wheel and current VR setup.

DigitallyAfflicted47d ago

That was annoying last gen transmission, thank God they improved on that.

Phoenix7647d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I'm just wondering if the adapter will be provided with the ps5. As it does say, more details on how to get it later

badz14947d ago

that's very good to hear. the way they dropped support for the G25 & G27 for the PS4 was a huge stab in the back. I know it was because those 2 wheels didn't have a share button but come on, it's not a peripheral that only cost $50 like the DS3! and then they Logitech released the G29 without the shift stick included unlike the 2 before it....AAARRRGHHH THE RAGE! hopefully never again!

rainslacker47d ago

Yeah. All logitech controllers really. I had a good ps3 wheel, and this gen I brought a cheap one because I wasnt sure it would carry over into next gen.

IRetrouk47d ago

I take it they must have changed the connection type on the camera, will probably just pick up the new camera, save all the waiting for an adaptor to be posted out, it's good for those that have a bit more patience than me though lol

RosweeSon47d ago

Yeah I don’t really see a major major issue myself but can see a few arguments it would have been great, but if the pads that different it’s not feasible the buttons might look in the same place and set to be standard again but think this new controller packing some top stuff in its casing.

Kurt Russell45d ago

Logitech have yet to announce whether their wheel will be. I currently have the G29, I have a feeling they will shelve it rather than make it forward compatible. I hope I am wrong... if not, I guess it was y mistake for choosing Logitech over the more expensive ones.

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DJStotty47d ago

"Will DualShock 4 work with PS5 games?

No, we believe that PS5 games should take advantage of the new capabilities and features we’re bringing to the platform, including the features of DualSense wireless controller."

That is a bummer, so you can not use old controllers for PS5 games. Why do they not mirror xbox where all accessories work.

Nitrowolf247d ago

Because the XsX controller for the most is the same, whereas Dualsense has a lot more bells and whistles that devs make profiles for.

That still doesn't excuse it, devs should be able to make profiles to make DS4 work IMO

DJStotty47d ago

The point i was making is you can use an xbox one controller, for a series x game.

All they need to do is implement detection on which pad is being used which can be done at a console level, and then disable said bells and whistles.

Just like how you will be able to disable the haptic feedback etc anyway, for people that do not want it.

Like you said, no excuse other than to force people onto the new pad/hardware.

SullysCigar47d ago

Because Xbox didn't mirror PlayStation by advancing their controller tech.

Shaggy230447d ago

They added rumble and resistance features, nothing that can't be detected and disabled if a PS4 controller was detected.

SullysCigar47d ago

Read the article, Shaggy, they don't want those things disabled. Why would Devs implement features over 110m people might not bother using?

I get that it's not convenient, as we've all got DS4s, but if it means the devs bother and we all get a better experience, I'm all for it.

47d ago
RosweeSon47d ago

Yeah it’s mad Sony have had dual shock in various forms for multi gens the one time they proper change it booooo 😑😏👎 27995;😂😂 Nintendo will use same controller next generation for a change (apart from Wii/WiiU) and it’ll be oh should have changed the controller like they normally always do and then get moaned at 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷 🏻‍♂️😂 I get the general layouts of controllers is pretty spot on but if they can change it for the better I’m all in. Dual sense looks pretty impressive to me and not even used one yet looking forward to it.

DJStotty46d ago


There are gamers that do not like having the rumble feature in controllers, so they disable it in the controller settings. Nothing to do with tech, Sony can easily allow a DS4 controller to play PS5 games, the question is why won'y they?

So for local split screen etc, you have to buy an additional DS5 controller, forcing you to buy hardware.

Shaggy230446d ago


Ask the average Switch user or Xbox One user how many games use the rumble triggers or the rumble on the Switch.

I'd agree with you if history proved that all developers use gimmick features on a controller, but it doesnt.

History shows that the vast majority of developers simply don't use the gimmick features.

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DragonWarrior1947d ago

Were you bummed when the PS2 controller wouldn't work with the PS3 and so on? No? There is zero reason to be upset about this. We are getting a new and better controller (let's hope battery life isn't garbage like DS4) why the hell would you want to use the old stuff? That's like complaining you can't use a N64 controller on the Switch

aconnellan47d ago

“Were you bummed when the PS2 controller wouldn't work with the PS3 and so on? No?“

What kind of world are we living in where this is an okay response?

To be clear, this isn’t something I expected to happen - I was ready to (and still will) purchase new controllers for the new consoles, because that’s what I was going to do.

But saying “this is how it’s always been done so there’s no obligation to do any different” is a very close-minded train of thought. Imagine if we applied that to games - we wouldn’t have things like Ghosts of Tsushima, or Death Stranding, or any number of great games where it would have been easy to replicate what’s been done before that people expect.

“Why the hell would you want to use the old stuff?”

Maybe they have a family (siblings, friends that come over, whatever) that uses 4 controllers to play together, and out of the gate it’d be cool to save money and just get the DualSense that comes in the box, rather than pay for 3 extra controllers for all them to play together?

DJStotty46d ago


No because 360 pads work on the xbox one, as does the duke replica (resold as wireless), as will all previous controllers, accessories work on the series X.

I am just asking the question why they are not allowing it when it can be done, same with what they did the back compat.

IRetrouk46d ago

360 pads do not work on the xbox one

IRetrouk47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

They want to push their game controller spec forward, I dont see the issue to be honest, ofcourse they want to make money, otherwise why bother? But to say that's the only reason is wrong, the new controller is doing things not possible on the old controllers, sony want to push that as they see it as an important step to better immersion in games, like it, dont, but it is what it is.

How come no complaints about ms proprietary ssd cards? Aint they closer to off the shelf specs than sonys? Yet sony will allow 3rd party off the shelf SSDs to fit, why isnt microsoft following sony in that?

Now ofcourse we know why, ms is doing it to make money, they did it on the 360, and they made the xbox one hardrive difficult to remove so they could sell externals, but they are also doing it for compatability, to make sure every extra drive you put in will perform the same.

My point? All companies push new tech, regardless of what it is, to make money, yes, but to also push whatever medium it is forward.

DJStotty46d ago

I understand the new controller has new tech, that is not the issue.

The issue is why they are flat out not allowing you to use old controllers to play PS5 games, what has the new controller got to do with it?

You will most probably get 1 pad with the console, you are now forced to buy a DS5 controller if you want 2 pads to play couch co-op etc. Whereas with series X, you can just bang an xbox one pad in, there are additions to the series X controller that are unavailable on the xbox one controller, they are still allowing compatibility.

IRetrouk46d ago

Really easy to understand, sony invested in a new controller, they want it and its features to be used, they dont want to support the old controller on new games because of this, what's so hard to understand?, not one person complained about the 360 and ps3 pads not working on this gens consoles, not one lol now it's an issue? Why?

You complain about having to buy a second controller, yet say nothing about having to buy ms version of an ssd, why no complaints there? It's the same thing, they both want to ensure compatability and that the investment is worth it, just using different products to do it.

RosweeSon47d ago

Because like Nintendo they are trying something new and trying to change or better the way we play. They could do what Xbox have done and use the same controller again for the same games but they wanna try something different. They used dual shock range enough they wanna evolve their controller for a new generation. Why buy a new console to use last gen controllers. If your that attached just stick to PS4 for a few more years 🤓✌🏻🤷&# 127995;‍♂️