Antony Starr Might Not Voice Homelander in Mortal Kombat 1

Antony Starr, best known as Homelander in Amazon's series The Boys, might not be voicing said character in the upcoming Mortal Kombat 1 DLC.

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Snookies12104d ago

That would be really lame if he's not the VA for Homelander... Definitely bummed about that, if it's true!

LordoftheCritics104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Thank the lord.

Don't dumb down the show by spreading the exclusivity.
He won't feel exclusive anymore if he's everywhere.

BanginTunes103d ago

Imagine spending the money to get Megan Fox to do one of the worst performances in AAA game in recent memory but not spending the money to get the Homelander guy to play Homelander

Redgrave103d ago

Which is doubly sad when this sorta implies that John Cena will voice Peacemaker by not including him in the topic.

smashman98103d ago

It's not fair to just put it on the Mk guys. Especially when we don't know the specifics of what went down. What's more likely that they weren't willing to pay him well when they got Megan Fox, Jean Claude Vann Damme, John Cena, and JK Simmons. Or that Anthony Starr a) didn't want to do voice work on a game or b) wanted more than JK Simmons and John Cena?

I'm sure they wanted him in the game as much as we do.

-Foxtrot103d ago

I don’t understand why base the model off the TV show then and not make it more comic like

Same goes for John Cena if he doesn’t voice Peacemaker, give him more of a comic book look

smashman98103d ago

Because like it or not these are the most popular versions of those characters.


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