60% of PlayStation Plus subscribers may opt for annual 12-month memberships

Sony corporate appears to indicate that more than half of PlayStation Plus subscribers choose to buy 12-month annual subscriptions, likely due to costs.

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Obscure_Observer105d ago

So most PS+ members prefers long therm subscriptions rather than pay monthly fees.


MrNinosan104d ago

Most PS+ members are happy with their subscription and therefor save almost 50% instead of buying monthly, yes.

crazyCoconuts104d ago

I can't believe Xbox Core/GP doesn't even have an annual membership, thus no way to save by paying annually. They're not even competing on price.

GamerRN104d ago

I pay annually for Gamepass Ultimate, and it only costs me about $97-105 US a year.

porkChop103d ago


How? There isn't an annual subscription. There's 3 months which is at least a little cheaper, but not annual.

RAFTECH26104d ago

Very odd that they are building gaas games around this.


Eonjay104d ago

This comment doesn't make sense and feels like a stream of consciousness. What is 'this' and how does it relate to Gaas? What is imploding and how does any of that relate to 60% of gamers picking yearly over monthly or anything that OP said? Just make sense.

RAFTECH26104d ago

It’s simple. What do you need in order for gaas to be successful? Online players.

What do you need to play online? PlayStation plus.

Figure it out. It’s not rocket science… it’s common sense.

Eonjay103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

Concord, Hell Divers 2 and FairGame$ are launching on PC day and date where Plus is not required. You are right to point out the obvious that online games need online players to succeed. This is probably why they are launching on platforms where Plus isn't a barrier to entry.

So your non-argument is invalid. You also failed to explain how they will implode. There are 47 million Plus subscribers and potentially even more Steam users out there. Games like Marathon are even coming to Xbox as well. The only thing that will make or break Gaas will be the quality of the experience on offer. And it's not rocket science.

blackblades103d ago

Gaas are usually F2P, F2P games dont require ps+ to play online.

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Barlos104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Not really. It works out cheaper to do it annually rather than monthly or quarterly.

jznrpg104d ago

It’s a lot cheaper so yeah. We have an option try and spin that. Plus you can buy the the year even cheaper on sale.

UltimateRacer104d ago

Been doing that for years, especially around Christmas holidays there always a sale on Plus subscription, usually 35% - 40% off.

ironmonkey104d ago

Yeah most ps players kinda actually play games and finish them rather than that trial version they call gamepass. Tried it and it sucks, thats alot of sucks in that gp library.

PhillyDonJawn104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Interesting indeed. Someone's got some explaining to do. I see why sony going gaas route

Einhander1972104d ago

What is the point of these detractions? Yes we know that PS+ is a lot cheaper than Game Pass, but that doesn't change that PlayStation is generating around 40% more revenue than Microsoft.

And PlayStation just gave it's monthly report and it's Game and Network Services were up 20%.

BTW when Sony announced the newest PS+ system they themselves said that over 80% of users opted for the yearly option.

PlayStation has always been the cheapest place to game due to the sales which include bonus discounts for PS+ users including most big pre-orders which often allows you to get $70 new releases for $60 or less which I never see anyone point out.

PlayStation always has thousands of games on sale, and with PS+ you often get 60 to 95% off on games that are on sale, especially during double discount sales where they add even more PS+ discount games than normal.

So thanks for pointing out that PlayStation is the cheapest place to game.

northpaws104d ago


You know basic PS Plus is just Xbox live Gold subscription right? The trend started by Xbox to make people pays to play online. The one where eventually PS gamers get 3 decent games per month and Xbox gamers get 2 crap games per month, remember?

I know you are always trying to find an angle to make Xbox looks better, but you have to aim better. Find a different article, this is not the one. I will PM you when I see something that you can use.

ocelot07104d ago

Yer? How's that interesting 🤣🤣🤣 29315;🤣🤣. Days of play when ps+ is 40% off on 12 month subs. Why spend £10 a month when a year is near enough half price?

Eonjay104d ago

I mean it makes sense. Also when the offer Plus discounts they always are on yearly subs. Much better deal than paying monthly. More obvious than interesting.

FinalFantasyFanatic104d ago

If I like the service to stay subscribed, it makes sense to get a discount for a yearly sub rather than pay the extra monthly.

RedDevils104d ago

Why wouldn't you? Don't like to pay cheaper for something you uses/enjoy. Monthly for those who are not sure or are casual players that want to try out before committing.

raWfodog103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

Yeah it would make no financial sense for me to pay $10 per month when the yearly for Essentials is $80 per year. But even better, I’m good through to the end of 2025 since I already stacked subs through discount offers.

Profchaos103d ago

Because those 12 month subscriptions typically go on sale twice a year with around 30 percent off and they stack.

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DeusFever105d ago

The cost for the Essential Plan is now $80/year for the annual plan or $120/year for the $10/month plan.

Abear21104d ago

Should be on sale in a week, the only way this is worth the money

potedude103d ago

I have around 1600 days banked of PS Plus Extra. Keeping buying them on Black Friday or when they're on special. Screw paying full price!

BeHunted104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Xbox Live 12 months subscription is about £34.79 on Cdkeys. $80 seems expensive.

It's works out cheaper buying games when they're on sale, expecially on Summer Sales, Black Friday etc...

Einhander1972104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Ok, I have to point out that I checked Deals with Gold which is 52 games and most of the games are around50% off. Which costs $60 and no longer gives monthly games or anything you can keep.

I went onto my PS5 and the PlayStation Plus deals includes 552 games, and while that's too many to average out, the majority are over 60% off.

PlayStation Plus deals are always there every month, and offer discounts on everything including pre-release games, for example I Spider-Man 2 was discounted to just over $60 if you preordered and had Plus.

fxa5209104d ago

I opted completely out of PS Plus after the 33% price rip off by Sony. I am sticking with single player games.

Not only that Sony is losing my PS Plus sub, but i will also stop buying online games such as COD and FIFA, which I used to buy on yearly basis.

Let you wallet speak gamers, dont let Sony rip you off with the 33% increase in prices.