Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Review - Hardcore Droid

Square Enix is trying to recreate FF VII magic with its newest mobile game, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis.

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got_dam155d ago

This game is a soulless cash grab. I played it for several hours in the hope it would become more. It did not.


Final Fantasy 7 Games: A Deep Dive into Every Spin-Off

The hugely popular Final Fantasy 7 universe shows no signs of slowing its expansion, so here's all the spin-off games released so far.

TheBrainZ42d ago

The gift of FF7 keeps on giving.

kevco3342d ago

Some serious misfires in here, but a lot of good stuff too.


Final Fantasy VII Legacy: A Comprehensive Journey through Games, Films, and Shows

Final Fantasy VII has a legacy encompassing not just games, but a variety of media. This article looks at the pivotal moments of the series.

TheBrainZ69d ago

FFVII does have a decent history but the less said about Dirge of Cerberus the better.


Square Enix Relying on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth to Reach Annual Target as CEO Reveals His Strategy

Square Enix CEO Takashi Kiryu revealed that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's sales will be crucial for the company's financial targets, discussed Final Fantasy XIV's performance, and outlined his plans to improve quality and profitability.

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gold_drake84d ago

they did that with remake too.

Cacabunga84d ago

Count me in SE. Just keep making great games

porkChop84d ago

Remake sold less than half as many units as the original, so it's not a guarantee. I do hope it's very successful though, then maybe we can get remakes of 6, 8, and 9.

Eonjay83d ago

Final Fantasy 7 Remake sold 7 million as of Sept 2023 (so just over 3 years)
The original has amassed 14 million (over 23 years)

FinalFantasyFanatic83d ago

Please, no more remakes, although this will probably sell well.

jznrpg83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

@FFFanatic I want a Vagrant Story remake. But they don’t all have to be remakes they could continue some of the older IP they have as well with a new game.

porkChop83d ago

Ok, so it's sold half as many now. Considering it had 20 years worth of hype, and was literally the most hyped game when it launched, you'd think it would have sold a lot more than that. Square Enix spent truckloads of money marketing that game. It got outsold by Persona 5 and barely beat Dragon Quest XI, two franchises that are traditionally far less popular than FF globally. FF7R wasn't a failure by any means but it wasn't the powerhouse (sales-wise) that some people seem to think it was.

I mean actual remakes, not the pseudo-sequel stuff they're doing with the FF7 Remake trilogy. The narratives in 6, 8, and 9 are stronger than 7's but most people haven't even played them. They deserve proper remakes.

There are a lot of older IP that should be brought back. Vagrant Story, Lunar, Grandia, Breath of Fire (it's been like 8 years now), Golden Sun, etc.

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shinoff218384d ago

O it'll sell. Pretty fking well to. This game is gonna do so good. It's alot of ours most anticipated game in awhile. As much as I prefer turn based I'm still looking forward to it. Even more then star ocean 2 remake(snubbed for awards as it was)

jjb198183d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Have you tried the "classic" mode option in FFVII Remake? I haven't personally but I've read that it's a turn-based mode that relies on an ATB gauge.

Snookies1284d ago

Scheduled four days off work for this... Can't wait to dive in when it launches! I straight up bought a PS5 just for this game, lol. (Granted, there were other titles I wanted to play too. Just not as much as this one.)

solideagle84d ago

you think you will be able to finish it in 4 days? that's some dedication bro/sis

NotoriousWhiz83d ago

Who said anything about finishing?

Snookies1283d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Haha, I'm certainly not trying to finish it off in those four days. I just want to make some good progress in it! Besides, I don't want to go straight through it in a few days. Definitely wanting to take some time and savor it, as I go through.