Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Gets Steam Page and Reveals PC System Requirements

Square Enix has published the official Steam page for the recently announced PC version of its free-to-play game Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis.

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The_Blue15d ago

Really? I'm still planning the remake

phoenixwing15d ago

It hasn't been announced for english audiences anyway

Vits14d ago

It has already been released for "English" audiences. You can download and install it on your phone right now.

phoenixwing14d ago

@vits is any of it translated?

gold_drake14d ago

i like the game, but the grinding... is so awful.

cant wait for some trainers.


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got_dam26d ago

This game is a soulless cash grab. I played it for several hours in the hope it would become more. It did not.


Review: Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis | Console Creatures

Bobby says, "Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is not the experience I expected from Square Enix, but it shows promise for a gacha game."

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