Infamous Interview

Gamespot: "We caught up with Brian Fleming of Sucker Punch at CES 2009 to get the inside word on Infamous."

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Beast_Master4196d ago

Both games look so good, Infamous may have the deeper story but Prototype may have the better game play, of what I have seen so far. I will probably get both but if I had to choose one right now it would be a toss up.

Cajun Chicken4196d ago

You have until Summer for Prototype, so you may aswell get Infamous when its released if you have a PS3.

I'm the same, I'm a total fan of Prototype, but I just saw a vid of Infamous that made me think that Infamous is going to have a longer legnth of gameplay.

But Jeez, I really want to play Prototype it's just my type of ideal game.