Inside Nvidia's new hardware for Switch 2: What is the T239 processor?

What new hardware has Nvidia cooked up for Nintendo? Digital Foundry puts together all available info on the cutting-edge new, custom Tegra heavy on machine learning and ray tracing.

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Number1TailzFan163d ago

This will end up in a similar position to Switch with third party games. UE5 will run like crap and so will other demanding games, PS5 is already falling behind noticeably if you watch DF analysis on frame rate, texture quality and resolution.

Hopefully Nintendo don't skimp on first party titles and content within them. I thought combining handheld and home console devs was gonna have a large difference to the amount of first party titles, can't really say I saw that happen with the Switch.. No Pilotwings, no Starfox, Mario Kart lacking a good single player mode and is still not a patch on
Diddy Kong Racing etc..

Just give us quality good looking first party games with plenty of content, challenge, and 60fps. We don't want half baked third party games running like ass.

Neonridr162d ago

The PS5 is trying to push max settings. The Switch 2 won't and will rely on things like DLSS to help make up the difference.

Number1TailzFan162d ago

PS5 pushes nowhere close to max settings dude, take a look at DF's comparisons.

Neonridr161d ago

@Number1TailzFan - my point is the Switch will rely on software to help make up the gap. And for a handheld, it will be just fine.

Sonic1881162d ago

"PS5 is already falling behind noticeably if you watch DF analysis on frame rate, texture quality and resolution."

Maybe that's the reason why the PS5 Pro is releasing next year 🤔 or maybe it's just rumors and speculation

--Onilink--162d ago

Nintendo has been releasing 3-5 first party games each year since it came out, how can you possibly not have seen any difference in their output?

You might not like all the games they made and of course each one will vary in terms of scope, budget, etc, but they are easily the ones with the more consistent output (in terms of not having large gaps without games) out of the 3 console makers

Number1TailzFan162d ago

Maybe the next Mario Kart will be another bog standard single player racer that's not a patch on Diddy Kong Racing again. They've put out some good games but some have been overhyped and overrated for sure.

Games1st162d ago

I get the series s now that switch 2 will be the lowest denominator.

PassNextquestion162d ago

I'd guess Switch 2 will get a port of the Xbox Series s version games but further downgraded.


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