CommonSenseMedia Review: WordJong Party


"Based on the popular PC game WordJong, WORDJONG PARTY is essentially a mishmash of MahJong and Boggle. Players are provided an elaborate stack (or stacks) of letter tiles from which they select to form words, the longer the better. The catch is that they can only use letters from the top of the stack. The stacks are arranged such that the removal of a particular tile could reveal between zero and four new letters, with the upshot being that there are times when a player has a dozen or more letters from which to choose to form a word and others when they have as few as just one or two (at which point the player must shake the remote to make new letters to fall onto the stack). Play is scattered across several modes, ranging from a puzzle-of-the-day challenge to a single player campaign played against computer opponents to the titular party games that allow up to four players to compete head-to-head."

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