Exclusive Sonic Dream Team Game Announced for Apple Arcade

Sonic Dream Team, the new 3D action-adventure Sonic the Hedgehog game, exclusively makes its way to Apple Arcade.

phoenixwing224d ago

Well darn. I've been wanting a sonic adventure and Sega just makes it exclusive to Apple. A hole move sega.

Number1TailzFan223d ago

It does kind of look like that, but I'd wait for more video first for confirmation.

Apple obviously paid for exclusivity. Imagine playing a game like this on a touchscreen tho.. No thanks.

Vits223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

They haven't confirmed support to controllers yet. But a lot of Apple Arcade can be played with one and the cheapest/best entry point is the $140 Apple TV 4K.

Don't think it's worth it just for playing Sonic, but if you are also in business for a TV Box. It is a very solid option and rather on the cheap side, weirdly enough.

XiNatsuDragnel224d ago

Sega d move guys make it console and pc too we'll play fr. You can make $20 or f2p and I'll join in.

phoenixwing223d ago

I would have paid 60 or 70 for it but I'm not about to buy into apple over it

-Foxtrot223d ago

I find it funny this looks more Sonic like in art, colours etc than Frontiers

CrimsonWing69223d ago

Well, if that's the case I won't b playing it. Good luck to you on this one, Sega.

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Xbox Needs to Embrace PlayStation and Nintendo for Sustainability

Ybarra, who spent two decades at Microsoft, acknowledged concerns about the future of Xbox hardware by fans once more first-party games go multiplatform.

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ThinkThink8h ago

As an xbox guy, If porting some exclusives to sony and nintendo allows MS to continue offering gamepass day one, I'm all for it. Port them all if you need to.

Hofstaderman8h ago(Edited 8h ago)

Your way of thinking is why Microsoft is where they are. All they had to do was hold the line of the 360 circa 2010. Had the continued with thay strategy they would not have had to introduce gamepass which has spectacularly kneecapped them.

ThinkThink7h ago

@hof, but then they would still be in the same position as sony, fighting for those same 150 million customers. As a publicly traded company, they still need to show growth. Once sony is day and date on PC, they will also need to find new customers, likely by embracing 3rd party. What you consider "kneecapping" I consider an incredible customer value in gamepass.

Ironmike7h ago

Kneecapping the xbox and pc owners are loving it I do t think u telise how popular gamepass is

MrBaskerville7h ago

They were faltering in the last year or two of the 360 era. Don't forget that they doubled down on Kinect, which might be part of the reason why they didn't have much to show going into Xbox One.

QuantumMechanic5h ago

But GamePass is not MS' consolation effort; it was always the endgame! MS is all about subscription-based revenue-streams now! They have turned almost all of their businesses into software-as-a-service; only Windows remains. Stay tuned for that one in the next 5 years.

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KevtheDuff8h ago

As a consumer, I really get that point of view.

As an ex dev seeing what's happened to the industry I have no doubt that GP is harming the industry I love by devaluing games, so my thoughts are little less positive about it.

I can agree with the sentiment that most of their games should be multi platform. Until they swallowed up these devs, most of the titles we are wating for would have been multi platform anyway.

Obscure_Observer7h ago


"As an xbox guy, If porting some exclusives to sony and nintendo allows MS to continue offering gamepass day one, I'm all for it. Port them all if you need to."

I won´t say all, but definitely some games I wouldn´t care either as long excellence continues to be delivered to us.

Cockney5h ago

If some then why not all? Think think isn't wrong, his reasoning is quite concise in that yes multi platform brings more funds to develop more games all available day 1 on gamepass, he's happy as Larry.

Lexreborn27h ago

I still find it funny that Microsoft is spinning its obligations that it has to releasing on other systems as if it is some noble decision. Before they bought the companies they did these games were all in development easily the last 3-5 years and had some type of standing agreement they absorbed.

People are acting like this is a dependency when in reality it’s them just trying to avoid major lawsuits. I am willing to bet any game that’s started development in the last year that would release in the next 5 will eventually be Xbox only unless in the next 5 years Xbox just fails hard.

And with the new skus they released I REALLY don’t foresee them having a huge jump. When now the disc version is a HUGE luxury at 600 with them not even having a physical presence anymore it’s them killing their physical market.

Eonjay17m ago

It's not just about them avoiding lawsuits. It's about them trying to maximize their returns. They didn't buy multiplat publishers to become exclusive. That wouldn't make sense money wise.

CrimsonWing697h ago(Edited 7h ago)

They just need super strong games and consistency. This showcase was the first time since the 360 era where I actually was excited for what Xbox has. I already own a paper weight Xbox Series X, but now it’s looking like it’s time to blow the 3 inch layer of dust off it and give it some loving.

What Xbox needs to do now is be consistent with the releases. Don’t let this be a one time thing and then back the the poultry exclusives and typical Forza, Halo, and whatever else they just release. If they can do that I honestly believe they can rebuild the brand and possibly get it back to how it was when the 360 was alive.

Ironmike7h ago

I agree with article and I believe sony will follow suit budgets to big development times to long none can sustain this forever and sony won't be able to either

ThinkThink7h ago

I also think in 20 years we are going to look back and say "Remember when we used to have to buy a game publishers box to put under your TV in order to play their games?"


Former PlayStation Boss Responds to Phil Spencer's 'Slimy' Comment

The former boss of PlayStation has responded to some recent comments made by Xbox head Phil Spencer in a recent interview. The wide-ranging interview covered a variety of topics, with the conversation at one point leading Spencer to mention that he doesn't want to do "slimy platform things" to force gamers to play games a certain way, which has now prompted a response by PlayStation's former leader.

Jin_Sakai19h ago(Edited 19h ago)

“Phillip W. Spencer III:"Xbox’s aim with Call of Duty is to give players choice, not "do slimy platform things" that make one option more appealing."

Yet Xbox were the ones who started this exclusive crap with CoD during the 360/PS3 era. This guy is something else.

CrashMania13h ago(Edited 13h ago)

Yep, some of their fans also parrot this hypocritical line, MS started and popularised that trend, then spent 80 billion.

Pot kettle black.

Old McGroin5h ago(Edited 5h ago)

"MS started and popularised that trend"

What a load of horse poo. Atari was paying for and securing exclusives back in the '80s. It's been around since the dawn of gaming, they're all at it. The earliest one I actually remember as it played out was Sony hijacking Final Fantasy 7 from Nintendo.

Edit: just read the comments again, are ye only talking about COD exclusive deals? If so then yeah, ye're probably right!