Image of F1 Championship Edition PS3-PSP connectivity reports: "You know, for the longest time since last year's TGS we've been asking about in-game PS3-PSP connectivity in Formula One Championship Edition (also ran under Formula One 2006 once or twice). Didn't see it in the demo, didn't see it in the videos, didn't see it in the screenshots. Well, Something Awful forum member seiferguy, while compiling media stuff on F1CE, found the interview with Newsweek's N'Gai Croal we saw before, and highlighted the point where he talks about the PSP as a rear-view mirror..."

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Torch4261d ago

Although the idea is theoretically quite cool and innovative, how in the world can someone effectively apply this in a real-world situation? More specifically, where in the world would you place the PSP so as not to divert attention, or reduce responsiveness with what's (more importantly) taking place on the big screen, at the front-side of the game? I find this issue especially critical in a Formula 1 setting, which requires undivided attention and lightening-quick reflexes.

Moreover, how would one physically position the PSP (perhaps vertically or by hanging somewhere in front of the player) without the aid of a specialized bracket?

I'm curious: Do real-world Formula 1 cars even have rear-view mirrors, other than their side mirrors???