SOCOM: Confrontation 1.30 update released

The official SOCOM site has revealed that the 1.30 update has been approved and should have gone live at around 10am this morning.

The update fixes over 100 issues and promises that "framerate/lag hitches fixed and many gameplay issues resolved."

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No3663d ago

Give up this game has written FLOP all over it and what the F*ck 100 issues my god.

DragonWarrior465343663d ago

I agree with you somewhat NO. 100 issues is too many to have in a game and they should just have waited to release the game till it was actually finished.

ReTarDedFisHy3663d ago

100 issues, geez. But with this patch (just played it online) SOCOM feels like a whole new game, it's so fcking good and addicting. I'm very surprised that this game turned out to be so good despite all of those reviews (which only downscored the game because of server issues). But in all honesty... why the hell did they release it with so many bugs I wonder.

user94220773663d ago, the only flop here is yourself, Socom is a great game.

MrWonderful3663d ago

i told myself that i wouldnt get it until they fixed it. so to anyone that has it, is it safe for me to pick this up yet?

va_bank3663d ago

You can have my copy for $20. Barely used. I'm keeping the mic, though.

Hagaf223663d ago

this patch has made it a game, no longer a beta, everything about it is much much more solid, i have been playing for about 2 hours now with now issues, good update, now lets see some dlc!

joydestroy3663d ago

i got it for xmas and aside from a few lagging issues here and there, it's been a solid experience. my favorite game currently. can't wait to get the patch when i get home and check out the improvements!

you should definitely pick it up if you haven't already.

MrWonderful3663d ago

bubbles for you guys. thanks for the info i will be getting this today then.

chasegamez23663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

you will have more fun playing socom1,2,3
get warhawk , mgs4 fu$k it get lost planet(lol)
you will have more fun with those games
some bugs are still in the game
its like they didn't fix sh!t
added a weak a$$ party system which is a joke
and trophies

BLuKhaos3663d ago

Warhawk and MGO are n00b city compared to Socom Con.

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Joey Greco RULES3663d ago

Over 100? Jesus H Christ. What a piece of trash.

Cwalat3663d ago

dude, you should attleast appreciate the hard work these guys have done... Locating and Fixing 100+ issues is quite hard when developing a game...

so stop your idioticy and go on and play games

dachiefsman3663d ago

Joey has a point. Don't release it if it is riddled with problems. Fix the problems then release the game. I have had socom from release but gave up on it since it has so many problems. THe same can be said of Gear 2.

Cwalat3663d ago

dachiefsman -

true that ...

but he shouldn't post stupid comments...
the truth is that they underestimated the Release date and the time they got. Many developers do, even Guerrilla Games.

But the fact that they fixed over 100+ issues is still remarkable.

Kudos for fixing and not abbandoning. (Epic i'm lookin at you)

Danja3663d ago

when they mentioned over 100 issues it doesn't literally mean there was 100 things wrong in the game...other than a few laggy sessions I haven't really experienced any-other problems with the game...

dachiefsman3663d ago


Epic has announced a fix, and it is coming soon.


50 percent of the time it works well.

Regardless if it makes the games better, I am happy.

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gabeh10183663d ago

waits patiently for Killzone 2

chasegamez23663d ago

im so disappointed
i had high hopes
but its a let down
back 2 socom3

Panthers3663d ago

Chase, what is wrong with you? Socom 3 was the biggest piece of trash on the PS2. This game is a million times better.

xc7x3663d ago

no it isn't,just because it wasn't to your liking don't mean it is trash. i still play that game and it's very good,still surpasses a lot of shooters on next gen systems.

BLuKhaos3663d ago

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