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VGChartz's Miles Gregory: "I’ve had a lot of negative things to say about Starfield, but the fact of the matter is that there is so much to enjoy despite these flaws. The amount of content completely astounds me at times; I don’t think I'll ever run out of things to do in Starfield. In fact, it's one of those games I may keep permanently installed onto my PC just to jump back in and play for a few hours every now and again. The problem is that it's so huge that it feels Bethesda Game Studios either kept stuffing ideas and content into the game without fine-tuning the basics, or the team had such lofty goals that it had to cut back elements in order to actually ship the product."

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MrDead217d ago

I'm unable to finish the game because of it's flaws. Too many missions remain incomplete due to them bugging out and the members of my crew that haven't disappeared can no longer board any of my ships as they all have this on the access hatch https://postimg.cc/7C5MvKwv .

First Bethesda game I haven't been able to finish due to bugs.

coolbeans217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

Really? I don't mean to cast doubt on you, but that's genuinely surprising to see. I didn't expect it to have a *stellar* reputation on bugs, but the general consensus I've seen is it's Bethesda's "cleanest launch" on that front (at least in 1.5 decades or so).

EDIT: I did see the pic you posted too. It's shocking to see.

Gamingsince1981217d ago

There are sooooooo many videos of this game being broken , where do you get the idea this game was doing better bug wise ? A couple biased articles bought and paid for by MS before launch ? The general consensus online seems like it's broken and boring, with hopes mods will make it a mid game in a few years.

coolbeans217d ago


-" where do you get the idea this game was doing better bug wise ? A couple biased articles bought and paid for by MS before launch ? "

Jesus. You understand that's in relation to Bethesda's reputation, right? That's the general consensus I could glean from articles & review to buddies who've played it.

-"The general consensus online seems like it's broken and boring, with hopes mods will make it a mid game in a few years."

Your viewpoint seems more skewed than what you've artificially imprinted on me.

Armaggedon217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

The game is in the hands of millions, so it is inevitable that some bugs will surface. But for those pointing to videos as evidence to how “buggy” the game is: If you seek, you will find. Its easy to gather every little glitch you come across and make a montage. I can do that with Baldurs Gate 3, because that game has alot of glitches and bugs that I dont see bought up. But Im not going to nitpick an ambitious game for having expected consequences that comes with the level of tryhard the game has exhibited.

porkChop217d ago

It's definitely Bethesda's least buggy launch of the last 20 years. It's got some issues, yeah, but overall it's surprisingly polished.

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porkChop217d ago

Did you rebuild your ship and not connect a companionway or storage room to your landing bay? You need that in order to enter the ship otherwise it won't be connected to the other bays. I don't think it's normally possible to do that, but there's apparently a way to glitch shipbuilding to do things you normally can't. Maybe you glitched it without realizing?


Starfield's recent player spike is good, but it needs its Cyberpunk 2077 moment now

Starfield's recent player spike is a good sign, but Bethesda desperately need to line up their Cyberpunk 2077 moment.

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ZeekQuattro5d ago

I feel like the second big update that releases late this year will do just that. Part of the story expansion is also new means of transportation on planets.

P_Bomb5d ago

A good DLC could turn some heads. The Destiny games got momentum that way too.

piher5d ago

What player spike?

I checked steamcharts through the link in the article and it went from 8,000 to 11.500, so yea 20% but when the game peaked at 330,000 It's safe to say that the actual effect of this update was negligible.

LostPotato5d ago

Doubt it'll ever get redemption. As many developers have said in various interviews it's beyond saving.

Just release the mod tools and expansion and move on.

Profchaos4d ago

Cyberpunk 2077 had some strong bones i disliked it on launch because I could see the potential I could see the strengths of what they wanted to achieve but it wasn't done yet

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Starfield fans want mech piloting added after Bethesda teases "major features on the horizon"

Starfield fans are asking Bethesda to introduce mech piloting to the game after it teaser "major features" on the horizon.

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Jingsing5d ago

They didn't get the memo the game is dead and the Bethesdabots only want magic and fantasy.

Boy_the_CowRoy4d ago

Starfield fans? The game only has 9 thousand current players, worldwide! As a company you cannot waste time on creating "Major features", it is simply not profitable. Just move on.


This Fan Just Turned Starfield Into Star Wars By Installing Over 100 Dedicated Mods

The YouTuber DeityVengy has transformed Starfield into an open-world Star Wars RPG, or The Mandalorian, with over a hundred mods.