Forza Motorsport players can’t decide if the game looks better or worse than Horizon 5

Poor quality texture and a lack of car details are irking Forza Motorsport’s player base.

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Jin_Sakai240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

It literally looks a generation behind GT7. Turn 10 have gone downhill like the rest of Xbox game studios.


Flawlessmic240d ago

It's doesn't come close to gt7, actually booted up gt7 last night to compare the 2 as I've played close to 40 hrs of motorsport and yea gt7 wins hands down.

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Reaper22_239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

It doesn't come close but yet you put in 40 hours playing it..😂 This is hilarious. If something doesn't even come close why waste time comparing them.

You know what I think. You haven't played the new Forza or any of the ones prior. You're just doing the same old thing that 90% of the other people are. I guess you guys think if you keep repeating the same thing that it will come true.

Flawlessmic239d ago


Umm because I love sim racers, so it's natural to compare.

Also my gamertag is flawlessmic so how bout you go and check the stat's buddy then come back and apologise for your baseless accusation!!

JackBNimble238d ago

Yeah, you love sim racers but you've only put in 40hrs inGT7? And that's coming from a Sonyboy too ... lol

Flawlessmic238d ago


I said iv put 40 hrs into motorsport.

Gt7 on the other hand 180 hrs.... would u like my psn?

I'd only be to happy to prove everyone wrong lol, I got all the receipts

DarXyde238d ago


How did you botch such a short post from flawlessmic? This man, very clearly, said: "I've played close to 40 hrs of MOTORSPORT".

My days... This is what happens when you rush to comment instead of understanding what you're reading. You rush in with a raging hate boner and trip over your own d***. Well done, mate.

Cacabunga238d ago

You can only salute GT’s incredible longevity and consistent quality over the years!

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purple101239d ago

Oh god. The inside dash of that Mercedes on last pic. So beautiful, wel.., it is on gt7

Obscure_Observer239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

"It literally looks a generation behind GT7. Turn 10 have gone downhill like the rest of Xbox game studios."

You have nothing but pictures in photo mode to compare.

REAL GAMEPLAY tells another story!


There´s literally no comparison to the superior racer


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ironmonkey239d ago

You just made it look even worse with those bland Forza clips. Colours and details are off. The water splash like a cartoon game. Forza 5 looks better than it's brand new 2023 game. Embarrassing.

Obscure_Observer239d ago (Edited 239d ago )


"You're right, there is no comparison to the superior racer GT7."

Forza is a true next gen racer and GT7 is a PS4 game enhanced by the PS5! FACTS!

You can´t make shit up!

Everytime you try to compare you´ll lose.



"You just made it look even worse with those bland Forza clips. Colours and details are off."

GT7 looks like a stiff cartoon image with it´s over saturated collors, third person camera is horrible car does´t even move, poor sense of speed, poor physics, less detailed, poor lighting, poor sound from GT6 game, smoke like rain effects (wtf), no damage models, poor reflections, no RT on racing, poor water, smoke, rain, mist and fog effects...

I could go on but it´s not even funny at this point.

Reaper22_239d ago

I think deep down they know Forza is a great looking and playing game. They're saying" are you gonna believe what I say or what you eyes see.😂

Jin_Sakai239d ago


Literally no one takes you serious hence the disagrees. Idk why you keep defending Xbox unless you’re one of those paid users by Microsoft to defend Xbox in forums.

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Binarycode239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

If you think that's what Tracks looks like in the wet lmfao.(forza)



Most racing games go for the extreme Rain, Shinny happy tracks. Don't get me wrong So tracks do reflect more then others when wet. But you find racing games treat them all the same.

Besides DriveClub already did the heavy weather thing.

Forza is not a sim regardless. You cannot drive in heavy rain as Forza lets you do. it's comical. Stopping on a dime.You would be aquaplaning all over the place.

Lastly. GT7 is a PS4 game. Not PS5. Built ground up for PS4.

GT8 will be PS5 only.

RupeeHoarder239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

It’s sad you have to defend a “next-gen” Forza to a literally almost 2 year old PS4 cross-gen racer and pick apart what looks better. Tells you all you need to know about how good Forza looks. Can’t wait for a next-gen GT that leaves both the PS4 and Forza well behind.

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azizlksa238d ago

I have Forza Motorsport on RTX4090 and it looks like dogshit compared to GT7

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Babadook7239d ago

Now imagine the PSVR2 version. Mmmmmmm. 😊

343_Guilty_Spark239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

You need to have your eyes checked because its not even close. GT7 looks great but the colors are oversaturated and flat, gamma turned up, reflections are significantly better on FM, environmental details are better, car details like car tires and lights are better....the physics model is better. Night racing looks better with lights properly casting light and shadow in the car interior...in GT7 its just black in the interior, rain better, time of day lighting better, shadow quality is better.

VR is pretty sweet on GT7

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porkChop239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

Why are they using images from GT7's photo mode and replay mode? Those modes have raytracing and higher quality graphics which aren't there when you're actually racing. I'm sure GT7 does look better, PD have always raised the visual bar. But this seems like an unfair comparison.

Hypertension140239d ago


The only detail I've noticed that gets a graphical downgrade during gameplay are the rims and tires, other that the models look the same as the screenshots. Forzas model on the other had get a noticeable downgrade all around, if you don't believe me go to photo mode.

dumahim239d ago

Throw this one in as well.


Look at that sad excuse of a Subaru emblem in the grille.

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Hypertension140239d ago


Your so full of s**t, you and observer it's quite clear you guys never played the game.

Obscure_Observer238d ago (Edited 238d ago )

No, YOU´re full of sh!t!

You people shamelessly uses images from replay and photo mode which artificially enhances the graphics, because you know quite well that IN GAME your PS4 game can´t come close to a true next gen racer!

Only in your delusional mind a crossgen game would stand a chance against a true next gen racer. Smdh.

GT7 got almost two years worth of updates and still can´t come close to FM. In just one year getting updates, FM will completely bury GT7 into the ground!

And no, I´m not hating on GT7, I said it´s a great racer. A great racer for the last generation standards! It was build on a last generation engine so it can´t possible be on par with a next generation Forza powered by a next gen ForzaTech!

Forza is just on another level entirely, doesn´t matter how hard you try to deny. It is what it is.

Hypertension140239d ago (Edited 239d ago )


another one that thinks playing GT Sport is the same as playing GT7, they do NOT look the same, play the game first before talking.

VariantAEC238d ago

To be fair GT5 6 Sport and 7 in photomodes look very similar (even rendering out 4K images and 3D images for PS3 back in the day).
That's because the car models textures and shaders were all really excellent on PS3 and 800+ of those car models from the PS3 era (not just the "standard rendered" ones either) were just tossed out and rebuilt for PS4. Of course, on PS3 rendering 4K images took quite a bit of time maybe 15-20 seconds in Photo Travel mode... I remember it like it was yesterday!

Anyway, PS5 renders minimum of 4K images in GT7, and even with RT it still takes around 4-5 seconds instead of 15-20 to render out a standard 4K image (nearly a minute for 4K+3D images) than back on PS3. Additionally, photomode doesn't actually improve visuals in real substantial ways. The better shader models of GT Sport and even better shader models plus RT in GT7 are of course missing from GT5/6.

The very fact that we could post GT5 and GT6 images and most of these Forza Motorsport eccentrics wouldn't actually know the difference between those PS3 shots and real life car pictures and GT7 is all we really need. GT5 is when realism really became possible in GT's renderer, but to say that even GT Sport looks identical to 7... it's a boldfaced lie.

GT7 is improved in ways that are still tangible, especially when you get comfortable with 7 on PS4 and then just boot up the PS4 version of GT7. The difference is both seen and the psychological effects of that visual downgrade are easily felt even though GT7 on PS4 and Sport are still 60FPS. PS5 still has the best looking 1st party racing game and GT7 is still the best looking racing simulator.

Forza Motorsport (including 8 aka: 2023) is atrocious looking especially given their 6 year development time, potentially huge budget, the team's long history making Motorsport titles, the marketing hype behind FM23, what was shown off of the game's early builds initially, and what we know Xbox Series X and PC's are capable of delivering. Forza as a whole (the entire IP) hasn't produced anything real drivers (not paid sponsors) would call a sim yet.
Add to that, the abysmal physics, monumental list of bugs some game breaking ones, which reset progress, supposedly 'meh' wheel implementation, and shoddy online MP. For $70 you got one heck of a rip-off in FM23.

Even I wasn't expecting FM23 to be in this poor a state on launch especially after a nearly 1 year delay.

1Victor239d ago

By logic (not logic the comment writer here) if you can’t tell if it looks better or worse it’s because it’s the same game with some engine upgrades or new features 🤷🏿