Xbox Goes Massive on Las Vegas Sphere

Microsoft has finally managed to make Xbox massive, in a very literal way, by displaying a giant ad on the famous Sphere venue in Las Vegas.

ApocalypseShadow213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

Got to admit that that was actually a good spot to plug their platform on. Guess we're going to see more of this on that sphere in the future.

I just hope that if I live long enough to see us colonize the moon, it doesn't have screens pointed back at us like some big advertisement. Similar to what Hancock did. This one in Vegas is okay. On the moon would be going too far... I think there's a pun in there somewhere.

Jin_Sakai213d ago

Sony put Spider-Man 2 on the Las Vegas Sphere also. Pretty awesome!


darthv72212d ago

It'd be sad if Nintendo did not do a Mario Wonder promo next.

Flawlessmic213d ago

That is super cool, looks sick !!!


Glad Sony followed suit with SM2. This is the coolest way to advertise games I've seen in a while!

andy85213d ago

This is actually pretty cool

aaronaton213d ago

This will help Xbox shift 50million consoles by Xmas I'm sure..

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