PS5 Sales Up 175% in Europe in September 2023, EA Sports FC 24, Starfield, and More Debut

Starfield, the new IP from Xbox and Bethesda, debuted in second place for the second biggest launch for Xbox this generation with sales 13 percent lower than Forza Horizon 5.

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Jin_Sakai223d ago

PS5 domination continues. Spider-Man 2 will only push the needle further.

solideagle223d ago

I did not expect Starfield to lose to EA sports FC 24 for number 1 spot that's bit shocking to me. maybe starfield sold digitally more...

MrNinosan222d ago

Digitally is included, but EAFC (FIFA) is enormous here in Europe, and always win September.
And that Starfield is on a subscription for cheap gamers doesn't help it much either.

solideagle222d ago

wait, EA sports FC is FIFA? I never knew lol

TheCaptainKuchiki222d ago

It's Europe. PS is the most dominant platform in Europe. Even Nintendo cannot compete.
And foobtall is an extremely popular sport in europe. So of course FC 24 would beat Starfield which is mostly Xbox/PC (or not as popular platforms as PS).

dumahim222d ago


Same game basically without FIFA since they no longer have the rights to use FIFA. I think FIFA wanted too much and EA pretty much said, "We don't need FIFA."

blacktiger222d ago

they changed so next time getting soccer they just ask players name and not the brand which is too expensive alone,

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-Foxtrot223d ago

I assumed Xbox would have been given a push in September with Starfield unless people stuck mostly to PC

darthv72223d ago

this is EU were are talking about. XB constantly trails there no matter what.

Gamingsince1981223d ago

And in NA too , xbox is losing worse than last year somehow

MrNinosan223d ago

Well they lost is US as well.

S2Killinit223d ago

Xbox is simply not the same brand as PlayStation. Whether in U.S. or Europe. Im here in U.S. and I dont know anyone with an xbox. Even friends that used to play xbox up to 360 era, now are on PlayStation because all their friends are playing on PlayStation.

Hope xbox goes down the drain before they completely destroy console gaming. Or else change their behavior before its too late.

FinalFantasyFanatic222d ago

Doesn't Xbox trail in most countries, especially now? Even my friends who were die hard Xbox fans only own a PS4 and skipped the Xbox, I don't know anyone who owns one now.

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Hofstaderman223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

XBOX sales down 35% from the same period,last year. Thats with the almighty Starfield.

Aloymetal223d ago

''Wait for next year''...Everything will change in 2024 because PS will have no exclusives...

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tay8701223d ago

Wonder what next years excuse will be when they get curb stomped again by playstation. Lol

Kratos_Kart2007222d ago

LMAO..I see what you did there..LOL

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MrNinosan223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

So the only month month Xbox would have have any chance to beat Playstation, they lost in both US and Europe. Their hopes lays with Japan...
PS5 up 175% without any exclusives as so many tend to point out, and Series S/(X) down 35% even thou they have the best year in term of games for 1.5 generation.

It's time to let go of being a console manufacturer and go full software.

Hofstaderman223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

This is exactly their plan. Call me insane now but I firmly believe that they moving to a sub and publisher paradigm and shifting away from consoles. They would actually be better off, they tried everything; attempted to convince us that the days of console generations are over, they attempted to upend the industry with gamepass and acquisitions. Actually if you look at all of this combined theyve been paving a way away from hardware for quite a while.

TiredGamer222d ago

This is exactly it. MS would love nothing more than to offer Gamepass on PlayStation as long as the revenue sharing still remained profitable. But Gamepass is NOT cheap to run and maintain with high profile titles, so they would need a ton of subscriptions to make it worth their while.

It’s also possible, if the subscription model fails, that XBox Studios just becomes another third party publisher releasing titles on PlayStation and Switch from their acquired library.

DOMination-222d ago

Would Sony allow Game Pass on PlayStation though, even if Microsoft was purely a publisher?

Maybe business will talk at the end of the day, but it feels like a long way from happening right now.

But I do agree with the overall point, it does feel like the end days for Xbox as we know it.

ChasterMies223d ago

Phil Spencer has been clear that Xbox has no hope of winning the console market. They are betting on tying up gamers with services.

Jin_Sakai223d ago

Their games are nothing to write home about either.

FinalFantasyFanatic222d ago

Yeah, not going to get a win out of Japan, that's for sure.


You can already see them building up to this, especially towards early days of Game Pass, they're getting ready for a transition to a sub only service. I don't really trust them as a publisher though, they've mismanaged all their studios.

bigfish223d ago

Microsoft shot themselves in the foot ever since they endorsed the subscription service, effectively detatching themselves from what makes the console industry unique for millions of gamers, and in the process losing a sense of identity in the console gaming market.