Despite Xbox Game Pass, Starfield is the best-selling game of September 2023 in the US, per Circana

Bethesda Game Studios' new IP shot to the top of the chart, while PlayStation 5 remains the best-selling console of the month.

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sparky77217d ago

Absolute crazy numbers, Xbox is on a roll right now.

-Mika-217d ago

The numbers for ths month really are good. Strictly based off the month of September This is the highest amount of systems Xbox has sold since 2016 and the highest dollar amount since 2014. On top of that, it literally outsold FF16 and RE4 in a single month. You guys can't ever say this game was a flop.

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-Mika-217d ago

Doesn't matter. It still outsold RE4 and FF16 lifetime sales in America in a single month while being on Gamepass.

CrashMania217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

I wouldn't say that many people are saying it's a flop commercially. It sold more on steam as indicated in the data as all bethesda games have done, and I'd imagine by a big margin. Also it obviously didn't sell enough on xbox to increase console sales enough to exceed PS5 this month in their best territory, with by far their biggest release of the year.

And for how well it supposedly sold MS are still not keen on giving out any sales numbers, or how many gamepass subs were generated by starfield specifially, but we know we'll never get those numbers, only 'engagement'.

Wintersun616216d ago

The real headline here is the fact that even with the release of the so called Game of the Generation contender Starfield, Xbox couldn't sell more consoles than Playstation even in its "home field". Xbox has no system sellers.

Obscure_Observer216d ago


"Doesn't matter. It still outsold RE4 and FF16 lifetime sales in America in a single month while being on Gamepass."

Spot on! They can´t make sh!t up!

Phil definitely nailed acquiring Bethesda just like Sony nailed now they own Insomniac!

Crows90216d ago

I can. It's a flop...see?

Ff16 wasn't received too well by final fantasy fans. Re4 is a remake.

Good job 👍

Asplundh216d ago


Looks like you're eating your own username.

ChasterMies216d ago

With enough caveats, it will look like Xbox is taking over the world!

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Jigga69216d ago

Yes, Xbox is so much on a roll that PS5 still outsold it on his main territory this month again.

Chris12216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

There can only be one company in first place, but many companies can be successful in the same space. A business person you are not

Jigga69216d ago

Beautiful spin. But we both know MS will leave the console industry in 2027. ;-)

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ChasterMies216d ago

I’ve heard this before and I’ll hear it again as PlayStation continues to outsell Xbox by 2:1 or more.

Sonic1881216d ago

So hold on... starfield was best selling game for 1 week... I didn't know 1 week is a whole month lol. It got toppled a week later lol

Christopher216d ago

Sadly, inaccurate numbers. BG3 has clearly outsold Starfield and yet doesn't even chart? It's over 10m sold after the first month and not including PS5.

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Christopher216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

@DavidLiam: Incorrect. See the text at the top of the image they shared at https://twitter.com/MatPisc...

"2023 Year-to-Date Ending September Top 20 Games (Physical and FULL GAME DIGITAL from the Nintendo eShop, PlayStation, STEAM, and Xbox platforms for publishers in the Digital Leader Panel)."

Note that last bit: Digital Leader Panel. They collect digital data, but only for those on that Panel. Who is on that Panel? AAA big hit publishers only.

A shit ton of publishers and Indies are completely ignored in this. It's essentially only showing your standard AAA studios and nothing else. So, this list is only painting those sources in a good light while completely ignoring the A, AA, and Indie studios/publishers out there.

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shadowT217d ago

I am really surprised that PlayStation 5 remains the best-selling console in US, despite Starfield launch month.

JEECE216d ago

Yeah. That was a little surprising. Probably some of the people buying Xboxs for Starfield did so in August. Also, while it's clearly a huge success, it doesn't feel like Starfield captured the mainstream audience they were hoping it would based on the mainstream success of Skyrim, and to a lesser extent Fallout 4.

MrNinosan216d ago

Didn't PS5 outsell Xbox Series 4:1 in August?

JEECE216d ago


Wouldn't surprise me. I'll take your word for it. That just supports my additional analysis that Starfield isn't really pushing mainstream consumers (who don't already have an Xbox or capable PC) to go out and buy one just for this game.

Plague-Doctor27216d ago

12 years ago you couldnt go anywhere on the internet without seeing Fus Ro Dah or "I took an arrow to the knee" memes. Starfield is definitely not as much in the public consciousness as Skyrim was

VariantAEC216d ago

To be fair how long did it take for Skyrim to get that big. It wasn't like month 2 post laungh Skyrim memes were mainstream taking over the global internet... felt more like 5 years post launch before that really happened.

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outsider1624216d ago

Playstation really felt that sting according to gamerant!!

randomvoice216d ago

What sting lol? Literally outselling the competition when their biggest game ever has launched. Now that Starfield is out, no other game in the next couple of years will even come close to the hype for Xbox. Just wait until Oct and Nov numbers with Spiderman 2 out.

oof46216d ago

PS5 is on a continued roll. Also, Sony was smart with selling the Spiderman 2 PS5's so far ahead of release.

Plague-Doctor27216d ago

Original tweet mentions only single digit % growth for Xbox sales. Granted, the game is also on PC so it won't push console sales as much as a Nintendo or PS exclusive

oof46216d ago

It's good for Xbox though. Console sales have been tracking double digit downwards for the past few months. Not Ermmagawd! great, but it did have an impact.

Petebloodyonion216d ago

1) Starfield is playable on a PC
2) Unless you're a huge Starfield fan would 1 game suddenly sway you from buying the most popular console (Ask yourself this question regarding your phone)?