Ferrari Challenge DLC "may never see light of day"

System 3 has told CVG that extra download content planned for its PS3-exclusive racer, Ferrari Challenge, "may never see the light of day".

Releasing DLC was always on the schedule, said the System 3. "We were really excited about it because in theory it offers us developers the chance to keep working on little treats and make them available to loyal fans of the game."

But things don't always go to plan, evidently. "Unfortunately the realities and dead end streets of making licensed content available as a download, and then making it available in different territories have bitten us on the backside," the company told us.

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Speed-Racer3572d ago

I am so glad to hear this...this game sucked major booty...and supercar challenge will suck as them the trouble of wasting their time to make DLC

call me gamezer13572d ago

i dont really like this game id rather go play probably burnout, thats a sick game!!

TheColbertinator3572d ago

System 3 needs more funding and a bigger staff for all those deals.Polyphony has hundreds of employees dealing the simple licensing issues not just the programming.Same goes for Turn 10