Microsoft Is Allegedly Deleting Forza Motorsport Reviews

Users from Reddit have reported that their reviews of Forza Motorsport are disappearing from the review page on the Xbox Store.

purple101248d ago

uhh ohhhh-

6 years to develop another turd, m$ has gone down the pan.

2.5/5 user score.

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S2Killinit247d ago

Well after what MS pulled for starfield by limiting reviews to selected reviewers… this isn’t surprising.

Hypertension140247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

They are even trying to hide how much of a downgrade the graphics got, and if you search GT7 vs FM on YouTube the first two options are comparisons done by complete Xbox fanboys trying their hardest to make GT7 look bad, it's disgusting.

dumahim247d ago


Yeah, some of it looks pretty bad, but it seems it has something to do with RT destroying everything with the car models.


FM 2023 full PC with RT

FM 2023 without RT

GamerRN246d ago

You guys are not really thinking out this argument...

If they deleted 200 scores, AND the overall score actually DROPPED, then they aren't just deleting low scores...

Doesn't take a genius to figure that out.

S2Killinit241d ago

Even before they started deleting reviews the score was falling steadily. MS initially limited reviews to select reviewers, when the rest were allowed to review, Starfield score fell from 87 to 83 and was falling still, that is when the news came out that MS is deleting bad reviews.

Its not an argument, it is what happened.

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XiNatsuDragnel248d ago

Um I don't like that because it shows insecurities and most of all. Reviews can be trolling fair but they're mostly accurate.

sagapo247d ago

When these reviews give a game like Forza a 0/10, I would hardly call that accurate tbh. I can understand why those reviews would be deleted.

XiNatsuDragnel247d ago

I hope 0/10s but if a 0/10 has a detailed through reasoning that is nuanced and depthful then I'll won't delete that tbh.

S2Killinit247d ago

But when other games also get trolling reviews, deleting them for one game is deceptive.

Jin_Sakai247d ago

“When these reviews give a game like Forza a 0/10, I would hardly call that accurate tbh.“

Those giving it 10/10 aren’t accurate either. It just balances itself out in the end.

sagapo247d ago

@Xi: let’s be honest. A 0/10 means a game is utter garbage, basicly unplayable, major bug infested, a complete mess,…
Forza ain’t one of those games, neither is GT7 which got 0/10 troll reviews.

@S2kill: I talk for ALL troll reviews of any game when I say most 0/10 reviews are major BS.

sagapo247d ago

@ Jin: agreed, 10/10 for certain games are questionable as well

Cockney247d ago

Got to ask, the redfall 10/10 reviews, should they also be deleted? How about starfield tens (which it objectively isn't) they should also go?

sagapo247d ago

@ cockney; in case of Redfall, this game is in no way a 10/10. So in this case you could delete it.
However, where do you draw the line when a game deserves a 10 and when not? An 8/10 game might be a 10/10 for some or 6/10 to others, hence the 8/10 average I suppose.
Personally I don’t really care for points, I watch and read reviews and consider the good and bad of those reviews. If the same pro’s and cons return in multiple reviews, they’re probably legit. It’s up to me and me alone if that game is worth the purchase with the knowledge of said pro’s and cons.

Crows90246d ago

I agree. A 0/10 is like if the individual forgot to write a score. 0 is not a number.

However, 0/10 in the review world as it is right now is user's ability to protest a game and get the attention set on the issues. As a developer I would value those scores as long as they had valid issues being mentioned. Its almost like direct feedback from players

Class_Viceroy246d ago

I would argue giving a game a 10/10 with no context is also grounds for deleting as well. It goes both ways. It’s certainly not an all time great or near flawless game.

We live in a 0 or 10 society now unfortunately so all reviews should remain.

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darthv72247d ago

So you consider the 2.7 user score for GT7 to be "mostly accurate"?

People who review bomb just for shits and giggles just seem petty af.

GamerRN246d ago

Welcome to the Fan Boy world...

-Foxtrot247d ago

I saw somewhere that apparently some low User Metacritic scores have vanished aswell, unsure if it was true but after seeing this who knows.

I just don't get how a Forza game that is a step back, where you get less, along with downgrades gets decent scores, there's some giving it 10/10 its insane.

EvertonFC247d ago

The problem is during the 360/PS3 era too many gaming sites gave games 9s and 10s and here we are today with gamers thinking a game is shite if it scores 8s or 7s etc.

Old McGroin247d ago

"there's some giving it 10/10 its insane."

Yes, but the user scores on Metacritic, Steam etc of 0/10 are perfectly reasonable 👍

Jin_Sakai247d ago

10/10 isn’t accurate just as 0/10 isn’t. They balance out in the end regardless.

dumahim247d ago

And now we have a headline on the front page "Forza Motorsport Is a Historic First for the Entire Racing Game Genre" that gave it a 10/10

EvertonFC247d ago

Also by someone who can't finish 1 race because of stamina 🤣😂 why was someone given a racing game to review when they can't even finish a race us beyond me.

lodossrage247d ago

The only way to truly verify this is if someone has the game and HONESTLY writes up a bad review. Then see if it gets deleted or not

notachance247d ago

or if you bothered to read the article they have screenshots of total reviews decreasing overtime...

Yung-T247d ago

He did read the article probably, that screenshot alone doesn't prove whether honest reviews (not bots or one liners saying the game sucks) got deleted.

lodossrage247d ago


Don't assume I didn't see the article. Screenshots mean nothing and can be altered. But since we're "assuming" things. Can I assume this is your article for your site and you're looking for hits?



notachance247d ago

lol “altered”, gonna try harder than that if you don’t like people calling you out on the blind defense.

even go so much as mistaking me for the article writer, you don’t like getting called out that much? 🤣