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I’ve played varying series across the genre like Need for Speed, Mario Kart, Forza, and even Gran Turismo, but the same inaccessible barriers present themselves regardless of developer or system. With racing games, my biggest obstacle is never about placing first, but rather having enough stamina to even complete more than one race. Forza Motorsport is the first racing game I’ve played that provides a plethora of accessibility tools, which not only prevent immense physical exhaustion but also allow for full control. And it finally allowed me to really think about whether I even like the racing game genre.

Jin_Sakai252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

A perfect score after all the misleading advertising and downgrades? Sorry can’t take this review seriously.


Removed the auction house
Removed spectator mode
Majority of new cars imported from FH5
No updated photo mode
No rear wheel steering
No wheel spacers
No drift tires
No drifting events
Drag tires but no drag events


-Foxtrot252d ago

Not just this review to be fair, a lot of them are riding the Forza dick train with these perfect reviews when the game literally offers you LESS than others.

It's crazy to me...

PrinceOfAnger251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

A perfect score after all the misleading advertising and downgrades? Sorry can’t take this review seriously."

You know that some sony games got 10 and was downgraded right?

Jin_Sakai251d ago

Did Naughty Dog confirm Uncharted 4 on PS4 would be 60fps?

darthv72251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

stop trying so hard Jin. Just play the game and enjoy it. I know you have an X and game pass... you have messaged me about it.

Or are you afraid people will look at you funny if you have fun playing xbox games instead of constantly trying to cap on them?

sagapo249d ago

@Jin: since you’re watching Forza reviews (😉), check out these from Kireth with nice comparison vids Forza - GT

And yeah, sweet set-up 👍

EvertonFC249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

I think FMS is good game but can we all agree WHY give a racing game to someone who struggles to finish 1 race in the racing genre.

Jin_Sakai249d ago


Thanks! I checked out the link you posted. Pretty good content.

Markdn249d ago

Hey I'm playing forza and enjoying it, but it's a long way from a 10. Handling isn't were it needs to be. Safety rating is a joke. Glitches to death,, random crashes, career mode about a 1/4 the size of the gt77 career. And people still giving it a 10!!! says it all right? Am I still enjoying playing it? Yes, for sure and the format for multiplayer is really nice. If they can do something about the dodgem first lap I'd love it even more.

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Jin_Sakai249d ago

Thanks! Been working on it for a while.

Si-Fly249d ago

All you’re missing is a PC 👊🏻

porkChop249d ago

"Majority of new cars imported from FH5"

That seems like an odd complaint. Why is that a problem if they already have the license and a current gen model of the vehicle? GT gets away with importing much of its lineup from prior games, including from the PSP. If it's good for the goose it's good for the gander.

IRetrouk249d ago

You mean in gt 5 and 6 right? Because the cars have all been rebuilt from sport forward, at a much higher level of detail than the consoles can actually display, difference here is simply, they using models from the 360 games that wernt correct then and have never been fixed, this is supposed to be built from the ground up, remember?

ApocalypseShadow249d ago

Embarrassing. Lol

Sony moved on from old cars years ago. Can't make excuses for something that's supposed to be from the ground up and next gen. When Sony's cross gen cars look better.

EvertonFC249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

Also gave Forza to someone to review who can't/struggles to finish 1 race 😂🤣

You can't make it up and these sites wonder why nobody gives a shite about reviews anymore.

dumahim249d ago

Despite one of the cover cars being a full blown LMDh race car and all the upcoming car pass cars being race cars, there are no races in the career for race cars beyond the 2 laps you get in the Cadillac in the intro.

249d ago
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sparky77252d ago

The king of the racing genre remains the king. The Forza franchise is just on another level to everything else.

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Julion0715252d ago

Every time an Xbox game drops it’s the usual accounts rushing to hate 😂😂😂 find a hobby instead Gluck Gluck 3000 Microsoft games

anast249d ago

You are that list of people that needs to find a hobby too.

249d ago
Julion0715249d ago

You talking? 😂😂😂

anast248d ago

"Get a job dude go outside ffs"

I got one and I do. I can do more than one thing throughout the day. It's actually shocking you haven't figured out how with all of this technology.

"You talking? 😂😂😂&qu ot;

I am aware of my hobbies. I think it's strange to not be aware of what hobbies we actually have. You might need RgB's advice.

InUrFoxHole249d ago

That's how I'm playing it. Excellent service. Get day and date MS exclusives? I'm down. But realistically I give the game 8 to 8.5.

VariantAEC244d ago

More like a 5. A mediocre game with more bugs than any prior FM title... maybe it deserves a 4/10?

InUrFoxHole244d ago

Maybe. Give it a 2/10 if you'd like. It's your score man