FamilyFriendlyGaming Review: Army Men Soldiers of Misfortune

Family Friendly Gaming:

"Zoo Games has brought Army Men back to the video game world. I wondered if the old 3DO franchise would ever return in some form or another, and this Nintendo DS video game answers that question. Army Men Soldiers of Misfortune follows a boy who fights it out with the colored army men toys. This game is part imagination, and part third person shooter (camera is behind the back of the person who is visible and they shoot the enemy characters). Gamers get to be the size of the little toys, and work on completing the missions. The weapon of choice in this hand held game is a nerf style gun.

Army Men Soldiers of Misfortune has a lot of shooting involved, so parents concerned with the violence need to be made aware. The 3D graphics are a little bit better than I expected on the Nintendo DS. Pixelation is present, and there are issues with some details as well. The general teddy bear is a nice touch."

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