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Cajun Chicken3570d ago

That should be a post-watershed advert on TV.

jwatt3570d ago

That was freaking beautiful!

will113570d ago

Xbox could only wish to have a game looking this good

HighDefinition3570d ago

There is so much incredible stuff going on in that trailer, it`s unbelievable. If that trailer DOESN`T make you instantly want that game, somethings wrong w/ you.

chaosatom3570d ago

The game will turn haters to buy a ps3.

Aclay3570d ago

Damn, What the heck has Guerrilla done?! They have created a freakin masterpiece! I just can't wait until Killzone 2 is released so that all the haters and naysayers can be put to rest for good.

That video was brutal, epic, and beautiful all at the same time.

3570d ago
INehalemEXI3570d ago

Now play at 2x speed and play that let the bodys hit the floor track.

IcarusOne3570d ago

Says the guy flame-baiting every single xbox fan on the site. Grow up.

Seriously though, that's some of the most beautiful footage I've seen from a game. The animations are unbelievable.

ultimolu3570d ago

*sniffle* ;___;
I shall cry when I finally get this game.

TheExecutive3570d ago

HOW CAN THEY NOT HAVE VIDEO CAPTURING? Seriously Sony and GG... as soon as the baby is out get plugging away. I know I am a greedy b*stard but looking at this makes me think of all of the OMG features that are going to be missed :(.

I guess it wont be so bad though since I will be playing it.

Oh and all fanboyism aside (I own both consoles) how can the xbox clan not want a ps3 for this game?

phosphor1123570d ago


And that was f*cking awesome.

dj_funky3570d ago

omfg.. beautiful.. this should play durring a movie trailer at the theaters or something. oh, and by the way.. sony says "hi haters"

shine13963570d ago

that there is in sd and pretty horrible quality via cam.

and that is still so awesome....

masterg3570d ago

This is perhaps the most beautiful KZ2 video shown till date.

omega73570d ago

Next gen starts with KZ2

Giriath3570d ago

This needs to be on TVs, now! Along with some other adverts giving an overview of the story, different environments and multiplayer.

OmegaFool3570d ago

Blu-Ray looks like DVD

Gears 2 looks better than KillZone 2


Saint Sony3569d ago

Some of you ask why don't 360 owners want to buy PS3 because of Killzone2?... well, this may sound harsh, but it's because Killzone 2 does not bring anything new to the FPS genre, even though it looks very good. Games are not just about graphics, games need something more than pure looks.

I'm sure Killzone2 will sell some consoles, not alone though, but because there are now, MGS4, LBP and Killzone2 for PS3. That's a decent combination of entertainment.

Killzone2 alone won't do miracles.

The Lazy One3569d ago

but, if they put it on tv, they should change the music up. I think they could make the footage have a little bit more to do with the emotion of the story/plot too.

it is inspiring to say the least as a gameplay video.

marinelife93569d ago

That was amazing. Start putting that on TV right now. That was even better than Mad World for Gears of War. The music really sets it off.

Saint Sony3569d ago

All the gamers would love it for sure, but rest of the non-gaming world or parents of gamers would get all mad about it.

It's pure blood, violence, death and shooting. This clip glorifies it and does it really good too. That video looks very very good, but in the end it's pure violence and not suitable for commercial.

I'm sure this video sells the game already, be it on TV or not.

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resistance1003570d ago

Sony turn this into an advert and you have a million sales.

HighDefinition3570d ago

It would be nice.

They have spent so much on it, I`d imagine they`ll market it.

goflyakite3570d ago




eelnats20003570d ago

This would be the best Ad ever

mesh13570d ago

TO ALL those saying ragdolls this and that ITS BEEN well know that killzone 2death sequences are prerecored death sequences so its not realtime death scenes you cant interact with enemeys while they are dieing in kz2 as its prerecoreded prove me wrong ?btw the game looks very very good graphicalll but i dont get the point of it the game looks boring .

ar3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

It's motion captured animations blended together with the physical impact from the bullets.

Yipee Bog3570d ago

you seriously come into here nitpicking about a game that clearly doesn't warrant any nitpicking. Dude, you are barking up the wrong tree. And by the way if you watch closely to the videos, so take off the goggles, there is a scene towards the beginning of the video where a "body" is in fact being affected by shots fired from the gamer whilst falling to the floor. Its like the second sequence. You must have a lot of jealously coming into the comments with only one bubble left.

Bathyj3570d ago

Hahahaha, Mesh you're pathetic. And a liar.

I've watched year old footage of this game, frame by frame, and even back then you could see 5 or 6 bullets fired in about 2 seconds and every time a bullet hits a different part of the body it would interrupt the animation and direction the body was going and would realistically alter it to react to each bullet. In other words, a knee, gut, shoulder hit will look completely different to a shoulder, knee gut hit. No two death sequences will ever be the same and they will always look as close to the real thing as you can get.

Now let me guess, you probably think Gears 2 is some kind of high water mark right? Haha, the animation is so last gen in that game. You can shoot them anywhere and they hardly react at all. The only thing that happens, is the big red mess of ketchup pours out of a different area, but usually they just keep running around till they actually die and fall over, pretty much the same way every time. Hell sometime they're ducking for cover and you can empty half a clip into them and they dont even move. They just sit there getting shot and dont even look whose doing it. Anyone else seen this? And then when they are dead these big huge aliens that look about 300 pounds suddenly become made of styrofoam. You walk into a body, and it rolls along in front of your feet like you're dribbling a soccerball. WTF's that about? The bodies have no weight to them which might explain why bullets dont have a believable effect them. Of coarse to do that, you have to go straight up to a dead guy, because if theres more than a couple enemies, or if the turn your back on them for a minute the bodies disappear. Now bodies disappear in lots of games, but its a bit crap for a flagship title, supposedly the best Xbox has to offer, and it looks exspecially weak when in Resistance 2 you can have about 30 bodies laying around at time, dismemberment and all.

callahan093569d ago


If you actually owned a Playstation, you'd be able to download the latest episode of Qore, which contains new HD footage of Killzone 2 in action and an interview with Mr. Ter Heige, the lead producer on the game. He says that all of the reactions to bullets and death animations are dependent on the gun your using, where you shoot them, and how far away you are, and that you'll basically never see the same reaction twice. So, yeah, the death animations aren't just pre-recorded. They're motion-capture animations that react to bullet physics to create unique animations every time.

BathyK, quote: " Anyone else seen this? And then when they are dead these big huge aliens that look about 300 pounds suddenly become made of styrofoam. You walk into a body, and it rolls along in front of your feet like you're dribbling a soccerball. WTF's that about?"

Haha Hahahaha! It's so true, though. I definitely noticed this. Although, to be fair about the disappearing bodies thing, the corpses disappear in Resistance 2 as well (after a couple of minutes, they just sort of fade away and then are gone).

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Snow3570d ago

Mmm..Killzone 2..soo close..

TheHater3570d ago

I fell sorry for those enemies after watching that.