Fans bet on Killer Instinct 3 for 2009

In the latest poll from MundoRare, it was asked if you people think that a new Killer Instinct game is already in development. Rumours about a third instalment in the series have been circulating ever since Microsoft bought Rare itself.

[...] The majority of voters definitely believe that Rare's next game will be Killer Instinct 3. And not only that, they also think it will be released as soon as this year. [...]

As usual, we asked Rare what their thoughts are on this, but most developers were busy buying Christmas presents at the time. Therefore, the always-altruistic George Kelion decided to share his opinion with us, not to much help: "I couldn't possibly comment any future plans we may or may not have for Killer Instinct, as I wouldn't want to give anybody an excuse to stick me in a mo-cap suit and put me on the receiving end of a motion-captured 99 hit combo!"

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panasonic233664d ago

[email protected] yeah baby wooohooo man i can't wait this is the year of fighters man k3, sf4, fn4 man 360 gonna have alot of fighters this year