Jin_Sakai141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

Starfield – 6…..ouch!
Cocoon – 9…..great score.
Sea of Stars – 7…..expected higher.

coolbeans141d ago

Yeah. Between Cocoon and Chants of Sennaar, puzzle fans are eating good right now.

Moonman141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

Phantom Liberty got a good score: 8.

TheColbertinator141d ago

Would like to read their thoughts on Phantom Liberty

coolbeans141d ago

Yeah. Hell, that edition's review line-up is stacked with potentially meaty dissections.

RhinoGamer88141d ago

Wondering how long it will take Starfield to become the 'must play' game. Would love to have them deliver on the hype by December.

Destiny1080141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

I'm starting to see a pattern with these edge review scores

Starfield – 6
Crackdown 3 – 5
Gears 5 – 6
Redfall - 6

Nacho_Z141d ago

I don't think they've got an agenda regarding console preference, seems to me that they're generally harsh and don't reward mediocrity.

nommers141d ago

Disagree. They tend to give Pokemon games relatively high scores given their supposed "harshness". Same with giving a lot of great SE games relatively low scores despite a lot of SE games going above and beyond.

eagle21141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

No, you are seeing a pattern from Xbox exclusives.....next up: Call Of Duty and everything else Microsoft buys and runs through the mud.

coolbeans141d ago

Halo: Infinite - 8

Take it from me: it's best not to drum up "muh bias" claims on this just b/c they didn't like a few titles. We already see that shit enough when Sony fans cry about them daring to score a PS exclusive below the MetaScore. And it's not like a 6 is a dreadful score by them. Hell, I think the most flagrantly bad take is the generous 6 for Redfall. Even the text was acting exceedingly nice towards it.

jznrpg139d ago (Edited 139d ago )

Mediocre games get mediocre scores. Not a big fan of edge but those scores aren’t bad especially for Redfall which can easily be scored

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Waiting on Hogwarts, but they ain't wanna. Wonder if they'll release Lies on GOG then.


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GoG would be the place to get it, for sure.


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