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Forza Motorsport is brimming with new features across the board, from its muscular new multiplayer to its much-improved handling, but its new RPG-inspired upgrade system feels like a step down.

Jin_Sakai256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

Currently an 84 Metacritic making it one of the lowest rated Forza Motorsports titles aside from FM5 and tied with the first entry.

Lol at all the Xbox centric sites slapping 90+ scores on it because well it’s Xbox.


solideagle256d ago

I don't know why but it made me laugh...

This is why Meta should have some sort of Algorithm where if majority is 8 then no one should be able to submit 2-4/10 or biased websites shouldn't be allowed etc. just my humble opinion

-Foxtrot256d ago

It had to happen eventually

They update the graphics and that’s all really

I could say the same about GT but it feels like we get a lot more Forza since you have the Horizon games aswell. These kind of games should be once per generation where they utilise the power of their consoles as much as they can.

However despite being a lower score it’s still getting the average 8, as in “we don’t want to p*** the wrong people off but we don’t want to give it a high review” score

Ra3030256d ago

"Biased websites"
You know these early reviews are critic reviews and these codes are basically handed out by the Game Developers and more importantly the game Publisher and in this case that's Microsoft that's handed the codes out. They basically hand select every code to be delivered this isn't open critic reviews by fanboys.
The game sits at a 84 score as of now and that's not a bad score but lets be honest Forza Motorsport is no more than a remaster that's remastered every 3 to 4yrs and released and called a new game maybe these hand selected critics are finally onto the scam.

dumahim256d ago


"They update the graphics and that’s all really"

Don't agree there. They're now locking away car upgrades behind the car level and you don't spend money on the parts. This is a huge turn off for me since I like to experiment with different cars. I can't just dump money into a car to see if it's going to perform as I like. Now I have to invest time into the car first, then spend those upgrade points.
Plus the whole live service aspect of it all.

darthv72256d ago

Next week cant come soon enough. Im eager to play this for myself.

Becuzisaid256d ago

I actually agree a lot with what @solideagle said. If metacritic is using a straight average of all review scores then that is easily effected by outlier scores like sites giving a game a 2/10 or 4/10, when clearly the bulk are in the 8/10 range. This could be fixed if they start representing their aggregate measure with the group median, as that is less effected by outliers. Also, I think it's worth a look into if a particular website tends to show up as an outlier across multiple reviews, then that website should be banned from being included on metacritic.

RauLeCreuset256d ago

@solideagle and Becuzisaid

"This overall score, or METASCORE, is a weighted average of the individual critic scores. Why a weighted average? When selecting our source publications, we noticed that some critics consistently write better (more detailed, more insightful, more articulate) reviews than others. In addition, some critics and/or publications typically have more prestige and respect in their industry than others. To reflect these factors, we have assigned weights to each publication (and, in the case of movies and television, to individual critics as well), thus making some publications count more in the METASCORE calculations than others."


Somewhat of a solution to the issue which creates another concern: Meta picking and choosing which reviews matter most. The idea behind Metacritic is ridiculous.

blackblades256d ago

Imagine if they werent such a azz kisser that metric score would be lower for there games

itsmebryan256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

Is 84 a bad score?

PrinceOfAnger256d ago

Currently at 85.

and is it fine that sony sites give high scores for ps games ? because well it's playstation.
Playstation Lifestyle 100/100
Dualshockers 100/100
Playstation Official Magazine Australia 100/100
Playstation Universe 95/100
Playsense 95/100

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peppeaccardo256d ago

But XBOXers will be playing this for years to come !!! .. ah no .. sorry wrong game :P

EvertonFC256d ago

🤣😂 made me genuinely chuckle

repsahj256d ago

I really really thought that it will surpass GT7 graphics because of how good forza horizons graphics are.

thesoftware730256d ago

"Forza Motorsport is, by a significant margin, the best feeling game in the Motorsport franchise to date."

Sounds like a step up to me, he just didn't like the RPG car leveling which I think is great, makes you really learn a car and doesn't throw a new one at you every 5 sec. Shit you can even level in free play lol.

EvertonFC256d ago

I think the rpg leveling made a SIM racer feel arcady and also way to much going on screen with the HUD although I'm sure you can turn them off.

badz149255d ago

LOL and now suddenly EVERYBODY is acknowledging the floaty handling of cars in previous Forza games just so they can now praise this new Forza GAAS. hypocrites!

EvertonFC255d ago

I got about 300 disagrees on here years ago for saying the forza cars felt floaty on the track 🤣😂

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purple101256d ago

say hello to a $36 or £29.99 premium car pack ONTOP of your gamepaass too.


CappyBlack256d ago

Isn't Sony also very aware of that; being they have about a dozen coming down the pipeline? Being that they paid billions for a studio just to direct them how to monetize their releases to their benefit. I don't see Microsoft pumping out supposed Gaas title after Gass title; despite constantly hearing that's the case. I sure do know that Sony, out of their own mouths, made a public statement on just that being a confirmation.

IRetrouk256d ago

Gt is gaas and it dont charge anything for cars or tracks🤷🏻‍♂️

EvertonFC256d ago

GT7 cars were free updates and that was a full price GaaS game.
It's Ok if you're playing FMS through GP and maybe don't mind buying the pack but what about the gamers who paid full price.

ravens52256d ago

Redfall, Starfield and this. Aren't those all gaas games?

PitbullMonster256d ago

That's the point of Gamepass. Put the game base into GP and the rest must be bought. After you cancel your subscription you lose the access to all the things you bought.

Rude-ro255d ago

Micro transactions and seasons on a subscription game?
That is literally just throwing money away.