Forza Motorsport review: Mistaken identity | Traxion

The new (2023) Forza Motorsport is a supposed ground-up rebuild, rebooting the racing game franchise. Sometimes, though, Microsoft’s hype train is questionable…

jznrpg194d ago

I see a trend. MS releases a game. Mostly gets high scores day 1 from the sites they hand picked. Then players and others call out all of their flaws that for some reason the early hand picked reviews don’t mention. Halo Infinite it happened, Starfield again, Forza it happened again. They even got some sites that reviewed Redfall 8&9/10 . I’m not saying the games aren’t decent but they are getting overinflated by ignoring obvious flaws.

Chris12194d ago

I see a trend, your anti MS comments in every Xbox article. Every time a good game is released you always claim MS have in some way paid for the reviews , easy to see in your comment history. Your tears are hilarious.

EvertonFC194d ago

TBF it is sites like Xbox.com, windowscentral etc who give 10s then we start seeing the more thought out reviews.
I don't think everyone is being anti Xbox or trolls just saying it as it is.
SuperGT is a hardcore racing SIM fan and I'd take his input rather than anybody else regarding Forza or racing games. He's also not a fanboy.

Moonman194d ago

Edge's Starfield review is incoming to N4G. It's a well deserved 6. Phantom Liberty scored an 8.

EvertonFC194d ago

Plus the reviews are based on series X and PC for the most part and not series s which is 75% of Xbox consoles sold.

dumahim194d ago

A review from them means a lot more to me than even well respected gaming sites since racing is their entire identity. They don't just review a game like this and move on to the next game. Their coverage is constant along with the regular updates.

dumahim194d ago

25 series? That's it? I know they're cycling stuff in and out, but that's pathetic. Remember FM3 and the event list? This was what just one section looked like. There were more like this, and bigger too.



Forza Motorsport To Remove Car Upgrade Progression Limit

A new update for Forza Motorsport has been announced that will remove the car upgrade progression limit. It will come out next month.

BurritoWarrior68d ago

Beyond repair at this point the people have made up their minds on this game already. You had one chance and ya blew it

execution1768d ago

Should've took what they did with 4s progression and improved on it


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