Forza Motorsport's PC Performance Is Highly Disappointing

Wccftech tested the new Forza Motorsport game on PC. Unfortunately, its performance is currently disappointing even on a high-end configuration.

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Father__Merrin252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Why does it have to be high end config. Just do a middle ground test instead

Flawlessmic252d ago

Why shouldn't he do a high end configuration on his high end rig ?

Makes sense to do so if you ask me, I'm curious to see how it runs on mine tomorrow

dumahim252d ago

DF is highlighting CPU performance issues. Not sure why CPU performance really seems to be a problem lately. Seems like a lot of games run better with HT off and this game isn't doing well spreading the load between cores.

Stanjara252d ago

Because if it sucks on high end, on mid end sucks ass.

anast252d ago

Straight to Game Pass. Good thing there's GT7 for racing fans.

Chris12252d ago

The article is about Forza on PC, so how can 'racing fans' have GT7? You can't even troll properly these days.

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IamFrasierCrane252d ago

Gamepass is on PC, Forza is on Gamepass. You can’t even read properly…

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purple101252d ago

I get the sense proper racing fans have asseto Corsa or iracing on a$2000 pc. But yeh for everyone else there's Gt7.

I absolutely love it, it's one of those games you play and the more you okay the more you fall in love. The handling of the cars, the tracks with elevation changes and all the bumps comming through the dualsense.

Your stomach literally goes light sometimes when the elevation changes., it's that good.

The dualsense makes it extra special too.

Petebloodyonion252d ago

This interesting article seems to contrast with the majority of PC reviews or the many screenshots from Steam users posting their FPS results from stress tests.
Perhaps the fact that this build is way overkill for this game might create bottleneck issues.

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Petebloodyonion252d ago

Here's the DF PC analysis to have another opinion on the subject.
Some of the issues of WCCtech are mentioned in the DF viewpoint.

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Forza Motorsport To Remove Car Upgrade Progression Limit

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BurritoWarrior125d ago

Beyond repair at this point the people have made up their minds on this game already. You had one chance and ya blew it

execution17125d ago

Should've took what they did with 4s progression and improved on it


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