PlayStation Portal Pre-Orders Have Reportedly Sold Out In Japan Across All Retailers

Coming in at $199.99, it’s main use case is being able to keep playing your PS5 games when your console’s main monitor or TV is being used for something else. Being kicked off the TV because your Mom wants to watch her show is no longer an issue with the PlayStation Portal.

gold_drake69d ago

i ... gave in and ordered one too ha.

Eonjay68d ago

Sold out here too. Notice that Amazon has it listed under 'PlayStation 5 Controllers' NOT 'PlayStation 5 Consoles'. This is important because this is what it basically is. An alternate controller. Perhaps this will help people who can't 'figure out what it is' 😆

darthv7269d ago

I preordered one back in August as well.

Einhander197269d ago

So, I checked Amazon US best sellers for something else and to my surprise guess what was number 7 ahead of the PS5 itself...


NotoriousWhiz68d ago

Roblox being #3, #5, and #6 disgusts me.

eagle2168d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Two HUGE factors working in PlayStation Portal's favor:

1.) If you already own a PS5, then you have games (most likely many) to play Day 1. Plus any game you buy for PS5 instantly becomes portable. The handheld doesn't require additional games you cant play on PS5.

2.) It's $199.99. This has always been the "sweet spot" or "mass market" price in gaming hardware.

I'm excited for reviews and will definitely buy one if it works well. :)

TQQ68d ago

Given the media response to the device thus far do you really think they are going to review it fairly and properly explain it's functionality and uses? Or do you think they will continue to tell people it has no uses and misinform people by saying you "have to use it on your home network" ect.?

I'm leaning heavily toward number two.

TiredGamer68d ago

I’m expecting reviewers who are inundated with devices all day long to miss the point of this device. It’s about convenience and getting the feel of playing on a PS5. If the tech works well, it’s a nice complement to a PS5 owner’s gaming options while using already owned software.

notachance68d ago

I want it but I have a shitty internet so waiting for hands-on review first for now, if it's good enough for home network with shitty internet I'd buy it for sure.

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ApocalypseShadow69d ago

Not surprised. In Japan with fast Internet and PS5 sales being pretty good, it will do reasonably well. Japanese gamers can stream their games on the go.

In the US, it might be different. Gamers are wanting Sony to create Vita 2 when what they are making is a streaming device that connects to PS5. Just like the headphones connect to PS5 for better sound. Just like PS VR 2 connects to PS5 to have more immersion in games. Just like the remote connects to PS5 for media control. It's a PS5 peripheral. Nothing more.

Vengeance113869d ago

Gamers have no idea what they want. No company has the bandwidth to fully support a home console and a dedicated handheld.

The only way to do it is if all the same games on the home console run on the handheld without needing to create handheld exclusive games, as that doesn't work.

Seraphim68d ago

that was one of the major downfalls of PSP and Vita right, software. Granted there were some great titles, but when you have to develop specifically for one device that has a small install base to begin with...

I hate to admit it, but this route really is the best way to push mobile gaming. The only other option would be to have a pricier handheld unit that operates similarly or can run games natively from it. However, that would severely limit potential customers in an already limited sector due to price alone. So by using what exists, taking advantage of the PS library, and giving players the option to buy a mobile device at an affordable price that plays all these games... It's not for me, but it is a good business decision that targets a specific audience.

crazyCoconuts68d ago

Generally agree, but the exception is PC gaming. Games are already built for a variety of different configurations. Steam has done a great job of making the steam deck look like a console. Now they could do the same with a steam box. MS could also leverage the fact that all their games go to PC as well, and just call a handheld PC an Xbox.

blackblades68d ago

The ones that want a vita 2 dont are foolish dreamers and to need to wake and see faults of having a vita 2.

XiNatsuDragnel69d ago

Not surprised but hey if will make a dedicated ps vita 2 that'll be great.

Barlos69d ago

I know I'm not in Japan, but whatever, got mine pre ordered. Or rather, my girlfriend has pre ordered me one for Christmas.

shadowknight20369d ago

Considering most households have expensive tablets or iPads, and ps controllers are also Bluetooth, I see no real reason for this, and neither do many others. It's a cool concept sure, but it's not a concept worth buying for most either way.

If it works it works for you, and I'm not downing u for it. All the more merrier really.

RupeeHoarder69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

It’s simply preference. iPads are used for multiple things and not dedicated PS5 streaming devices. Is it more cost effective if you have one of those devices? Sure…..but for some people it’s peace of mind knowing that this is specifically for this and nobody will be using the device for other purposes when I want to use it.

TQQ68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

C'mon... be honest here, using a tablet and getting it all rigged up to a controller with some goofy unbalanced device to hold the screen honestly sucks. And trying to hold those things is extremely uncomfortable. And most phones have way smaller screens and plus the phone is a phone, you get a call and you gotta unstrap all that crap then strap it all back up... it sucks.

This is a one click access with a balanced design that you can hold and use with ease.

giovonni68d ago

I beg to differ, it doesn't suck and It's not that difficult at all. It's actually harder to connect my xbox/ps to the internet than it was setting up controllers to my tablet. The carrying cases are actually durable and holds the screens great (and I have an after market one at that.) Again, it's preference as Rupee stated. To take it even further, the majority are caught in this sales technique called "Impulse buying" they'll make up, create bias/untrue scenarios, or piggy back off each other to justify their purchase of a product.