Exclusive: The making of the PlayStation Portal

Project lead Hiromi Wakai explains Sony's goals and why the Portal isn't a Vita 2.

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darthv7281d ago

Portal is a great little piece of kit. I use it and the G-Cloud for my console streaming needs.

GamingSinceForever80d ago

I looked today after seeing this and you still can’t find one for retail.

80d ago
TheEnigma31380d ago (Edited 80d ago )

I was able to find one at gamestop this past weekend, but you need to be a pro member smh. I paid the $25 to get it

80d ago
RNTody80d ago

As a dad of two this is the best gadget I could have ever bought for the price. In a week I've finished Valhalla and dived well into Tales of Arise, which previously would have taken me a month or more. It helps that it's so comfortable and amazing to play on, the design is far better than pictures would suggest. As someone who used to remote play on my phone with a backbone, only an insane person would say the experience is comparable. You just can't underestimate the appeal of playing on an 8 inch screen with DualSense controls, of playing in bed, or while the kids are watching or being able to hide what you're playing from the little ones because 90% of your games aren't child friendly. Loving my Portal.

jznrpg80d ago

As a father of 5 children I approve this message.

__y2jb80d ago

It’s a fantastic device and works flawlessly on the 5ghz Wi-Fi band.

TheEnigma31380d ago

This works better than I thought. A quick tip, for best results, wire your PS5 and make sure you are connected to 5gz on the Portal.


Bungie CTO Leaves Company After 14 Years, Joins Sony PlayStation

Bungie veteran and current CTO, Luis Villegas, has left the company after fourteen years and has joined Sony PlayStation as its new Head of Technology.

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Sonic188123h ago

"I feel incredibly lucky because as part of my new role I get to still work closely with my Bungie family."

New role and more pay and still can work closely with Bungie

20h ago
fr0sty8h ago

Yeah, he basically just got a big promotion within the same parent company.

20h ago
S2Killinit8h ago

Seems logical for him and probably for PlayStation

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Ten Beloved Nintendo Titles That Still Need a Remaster

There are so many games that would straight-up print money for Nintendo if they got the remake treatment. Here are but a few of them.

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Yosuke Saito working on new project with Yoko Taro and Keiichi Okabe

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